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Title :  Cloud Based Dynamic Workload Management

Author(s): Ms. Betsy M Babykutty1, Mr. K. Chandramohan 2 

Title :  Developing Talent – a unique way to business: A study of Talent Management with reference to ‘People Analytics’ practiced by Google 

Author(s): Shabista Booshan

Title :  Towards Secure Top-k Multi keyword Retrieval over encrypted cloud data

Author(s): Lekshmi k pillai, P.Saranya, 

Title :  Dynamic Audit Services for Outsourced Storages in Clouds

Author(s): Devi Parvathy Mohan, K.J.Jagdish  

Title :  Assessment on Cr, Cd, As, Ni and Pb uptake and phyremediation potential of Scirpus mucronatus 

Author(s): Donboklang Marbaniang1 and S.S. Chaturvedi2 

Title :  A Novel High Performance Enhanced Pulse Triggered Flip Flop 

Author(s): Archna Pundir1, Rajeev Kumar2, Vishal Ramola3. Vimal kant Pandey4

Title :  Photosynthetic Functioning As A Selection Criteria For Maximum Yield Potential In Some Wheat Genotypes Under Late Planting Heat Stress Conditions. 

Author(s): Radhika* and Thind S K 

Title :  Consumer’s Behavior towards Online Shopping Stores in J&K 

Author(s): Sheeraz Ahmad Tantray

Title :  Design and Simulation of  Rectangular Microstrip Patch antenna for  Wireless  Communication

Author(s): Sarika  Khurana * Ayushi Aggarwal*  Wazir ** 

Title :  Indiscriminate chemical use in Kerala: Special emphasis to reproductive changes by endocrine disrupting chemicals

Author(s): Rejitha Joseph1. and Soumya2 Sankar. 

Title :  Assessment of Physico-Chemical Parameters of River Water of Subarnarekha Basin In and Around Jharkhand Area.

Author(s): Nirmal Kumar Bhuyan1 , Dr. Nibedita Pattnayak 2 , Dr S.P.Rout 3 ,Dr.Baidhar Sahu4 

Title :  Studies on Antimicrobial and Phytochemical properties of Indigenous Indian Plants against Common Food Spoilage Microorganisms

Author(s): Muhammad Abdullahi Sa’id and Er. Robinka Khajuria 

Title :  Consumer Involvement in Brand Positioning (A Study on ITC FMCG Products at Organized Retail outlets)

Author(s): Dr. Ponduri.S.B, Mrs. V. Sailaja 

Title :  Impact of Brand Personality on the consumer behaviour and its implications for the Marketer

Author(s): 1 Renu,2Anchal Aggarwal* 

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