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Title :  Modified Fuzzy method for Vertical Handoff in Heterogeneous Networks

Author(s): 1Harvinder Gill, 2Silki Baghla 

Title :  An Efficient Approach For Indexing Web Pages Using Page Ranking Algorithm For The Enhancement Of Web Search Engine Results Results 

Author(s): Ms. Nilima V. Pardakhe1, Prof. R. R. Keole2 

Title :  Interaction of Satisfaction level, work Life Balance and Work Environment by motivation in Higher Education professionals, in National Capital Region of Delhi 

Author(s): Sweta Singh, Ashu Singh

Title :  Monitoring and Movement Detection of Patient Using Consecutive Frame Comparison Method 

Author(s): Abhishek Bansal1, Harleen Kaur2

Title :  Employee Performance Management System Characteristics with Performance Management System Effectiveness: Exploring the Mediating Role Of Fairness. 

Author(s): Gaurav Kochhar, Dr Vikas Arora 

Title :  Lossless image compression using hashing

Author(s): Satveer Singh, HarleenKaur

Title :  A  Diversity of Fungal forms Present in Industrial Area of ACC Jamul

Author(s): Seema Verma , Dr. Arunima Karkun , Dr Kalpana Patle ,  Dr. Deepak Karkun 

Title :  Smart Travel Alarm – Hybrid app on Sencha 2.2

Author(s): Dr. Abbhilasha Mishra#1, Ankit Jain*2, Neha Pamecha*3

Title :  Determination of Heavy Metal Content in Warri River Using Crab as Bio-Indicator

Author(s): R. Hector*, V.I.E Ajiwe* and S.I Okonkwo** 

Title :  Modified local tetra pattern based CBIR system 

Author(s): Mayuri R. Borse1, Jyoti.R.Mankar2

Title :  Scalable Learning Of Collective  Behaviour 

Author(s): Ahmed ullah khan1, MD Anwar Ali2, MD khaliq3 

Title :  Avitellina centripunctata infection in Nilgai (Boselaphustragocamelus)

Author(s): B.P.Kamdi,S.G.Jadhav,S.W.Kolte, R.Pande, S.W.Raut and N.V.Kurkure,

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