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Title : Funding University Education In Nigeria: Implications On Institutional Performance

Author(s): Nancy Chinwe Agha Ph.D

Title : Regenerative braking of dc motor with renewable sources using bi-directional converter

Author(s): S. Rebekah Eunice Ruby1, N.Hariharan2, N.Kalaiarasi3, V.C Shanmugapriyaa4, S.P.Raghavel5

Title :  “An Analysis on Impact of Workplace Environment And Employees Involvement in Productivity At G.P.P.L. (Caplon), Surat” 

Author(s): Mr.Tanmay V Patel.

Title : A Case Study on Consumer Buying Behavior towards Selected FMCG Products 

Author(s): Dr.Vibhuti, Dr. Ajay Kumar Tyagi, Vivek Pandey

Title : Studies on Atmospheric Pollution over Chennai - A Mega South East Coastal City in India

Author(s): G. Sudhakar1,M. Shanawaz Begum2, D. Punyaseshudu3 

Title : Design and Development of an Online Assets Inventory Management System (AIMS)

Author(s): Ayangbekun Oluwafemi J. 1, Adele-Sanyaolu Ibrahim A. 2

Title : Perception On Corporate Retail Outlet  On Consumers In Salem City

Author(s): Dr.N.Chandrasekaran, 

Title : Buffer Overflow: Proof Of Concept Implementation

Author(s): Pooja Rani1, Dr.Sushma Jain2 

Title : Testing Tool for Object Oriented Software

Author(s): Dr.Leelavathi Rajamanickam

Title : Email System for Disabled

Author(s): Swati Arora1, Meenu2 , Sushil Malik3 

Title : Authentication of User in E-Governance: A Digital Certificate Based Approach

Author(s): Abhishek Roy1, Sunil Karforma2

Title : Ascertaining Leadership Styles Of Defence Funded Schools

Author(s): Rahul Sharma 

Title : Retailing: Emerging Challenges and Future Prospects In India.

Author(s): Anu Radha

Title : Adversity Quotient and Resilient HR Culture:A Success Strategy for Organizations

Author(s): Dr. J. Venkatesh1, Shivaranjani. G2, Thenmozhi. S3 Dr. Balasubramanie. P4 and Manjula Gandhi. S5

Title : Role of Employee Empowerment in Organizational Development

Author(s): R. Ramesh, K.Shyam Kumar 

Title : Expected Time to Recruitment in Man Power Planning Using EE-Distribution

Author(s): S. Parthasarathy 1, M.Chitra2

Title : Family Business Management in Small and Medium Enterprises at Nellore District

Author(s): 1R. Vani, 2 M. Chandraiah, 3C. Prakash 

Title : Perceptions of Principals towards the Professional Development of Primary Mainstream  School Teachers of the Netherlands

Author(s): Lakshmi Gopalakrishnan 

Title : Development of Fatigue Models for Concrete Pavements with Rap As Coarse Aggregate

Author(s): Panditharadhya B J1, Mrs. Reshma E K2

Title : Ultrasonic studies on inorganic fertilizers

Author(s): S.Rathika, K.Renuka Devi*, S.Geetha, A.Gomathiyalini 

Title : A Real Estate Business on the Cost of Agriculture

Author(s): Y. Shafee1 ,  T.Angulakshmi

Title : Stabilization of Nigerian Deltaic Laterites with Saw Dust Ash.

Author(s): George Rowland Otoko & Braide K. Honest. 

Title : Customer Attitudes towards A Public Sector Telecom Company (Bsnl) In Land Line

Author(s): Dr  Sreeekumar D Menon

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