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Title :  Formation of an effective pigment model from present models for better gamma encrypting in image control

Author(s): Saikat Biswas1, Md Tanvir Yeasin2, Md Hasibur Rahman3 

Title :  Design a Parallel Pipeline Radix-4 FFT Architecture

Author(s): 1Amaresh Kumar,2Dr. Manish Mishra , 3Roopak Kumar Verma 

Title :  Recent   Development of Bone-Conductive Microphone in DSP

Author(s): 1Roopak Kumar Verma,  2 Amaresh Kumar,   3Dr. Manish Mishra,

Title :  Volunteer Tourism and Host Community

Author(s): Dr Ranbir Singh 

Title :  Empowerment of Women through Self-Help Groups in Tiruvannamalai

Author(s): Dr. K. Leelavathy

Title :  An Efficient Encrypted Digital Image Watermarking Scheme

Author(s): 1Kavitha Kapala, 2Jagadeeswararao G 

Title :  A Comparative Study of Methodologies of Protein Secondary Structure

Author(s): M.Rithvik

Title :  Future of Parathyroid hormone and its analogues in dentistry

Author(s): 1Dr. Swati Gupta, 2 Dr. Richa Gupta 

Title :  Optimization of a Cold storage using Taguchi Methodology

Author(s): Dr.Nimai Mukhopadhyay1, Santanu Dey2

Title :  Mechanical Properties of Chemically Treated Luffa Aegyptiaca Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Matrix Composites

Author(s): C.Srinivasan1*, S.Sathish 2 and K.Vignesh3 

Title :  An Advanced Method for Sloving Fuzzy Transportation Problem with Robust Ranking Technique

Author(s): 1R.Anandhi, 2B.Satheesh kumar, 3G.Nagalakshmi, 4Dr S.Khumaraguru

Title :  Clinical Insight into aortic arch and brachiocephalic trunk variations among fetuses of different gestational ages

Author(s): Richa Gupta1Ashima S Sahni2SuhalikaSingla3 

Title :  Computational Investigation for Secondary Structure Prediction

Author(s): M.Rithvik1, G.Nageswara Rao2

Title :  Management and Optimization of Hazards In Working Industries

Author(s): Mir Munawar Ali 1 Mohd Aamer Khan 2Mohammed Shafi 3Faraz Ur Rehman Azhar 4 Mohamad Ayazoddin5  Arutla Thirumala Chaya6Abdul Samad7 Mohd Abdul Omer Khan8 Syed Habeebullah Hussaini9

Title :  Iterative Video De-blurring Algorithm Utilizing a Neighborhood of Unblurred Frames

Author(s): Raja Sekhar Kuruba1, Satya Prakash V.N.V2

Title :  Drivers of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Competitive Era

Author(s): Namrata Singh 1, Rajlaxmi Srivastava 2, Rajni Rastogi 3 

Title :  A Study on relationship between Workplace Fun culture and Job Satisfaction among IT Professionals

Author(s): Dr. B.Vimala, A.Jerina Bee

Title :  Detection of Human Bodies from the Background in an Image Using Piecewise Linear-Support Vector Machine

Author(s): Lakshmidhar and Dr. Ramana Reddy

Title :  Study Of Parametric Influence In Machining Inconel With WEDM

Author(s): P.SrinivasaRao1, Dr Ch.V.S.Parameswararao2, Dr K.Ravidra3

Title :  Knowledge Management and Role of ICT for Development

Author(s): Ajit Prajapati1, Sarita Upadhyay2, Raj Boria3

Title :  Study of RSA Algorithm: Integer Factorization Approach for secure Data Transmission

Author(s): Nilesh K. Kajale1,Shubhashree S. Savant2

Title :  VLSI Design of Power Gated NOR-based Content Addressable Memory

Author(s): Jayalakshmi Devi, Dr.satyanarayana

Title :  A Study on the Relationship between Advertising and Marketing Communication

Author(s): Dr Abhiram Kulshreshtha1, Saju K James2 

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