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Title : Relationship between Trachea, Brachiocephalic trunk and Vagus nerve among fetuses 

Author(s): Suhalika S Sahni1  Richa Gupta2  Ashima S Sahni3 

Title : Medial Arm Perforator Flaps – A Cadaveric Study

Author(s): Richa Gupta1Sunil GabaDaisySahni3 

Title : Study of Microstructure of Typical Cervical Vertebrae Pedicle

Author(s): Richa Gupta1 Kanchan Kapoor2   SumanKocchar 3   Anshu Sharma 2 Tulika Gupta1 Daisy Sahni 1

Title : Media Optimization for Serratiopeptidase by Statistical Approach followed by Isolation and Product Purification 

Author(s): Umesh Luthra1,  Nishtha K.Singh2, Vrushali Bhosle3 , Vandana Gupte4 and R.R.Patil5

Title :  Environmental Performance Companies and Sustainable Development: The Case Of Nestle El Jadida

Author(s): O. El Gueddar, T.Aarab, A. Sahib Eddine, F. Rahmouni, A. Aajjane

Title : Impact of Culture in Indian Higher Education on Employability of Students

Author(s): Rajesh Tiwari 1, Dr. Bimal Anjum2 

Title : What spurs up Employee Engagement: An Empirical study in Uttar Pradesh, India

Author(s): Mohit Kumar[1], Dr. Kushendra Mishra[2]

Title : A Review of Online Social Network Hypotheses for Business Continuance Intention

Author(s): AkwesiAssensoh-Kodua 

Title : Screening the potential of Acalypha indica L. for its efficiency of removing heavy metals from contaminated soils

Author(s): V. Subhashini1 and A.V.V.S. Swamy2 

Title : A Review on Super Resolution Based In painting

Author(s): 1Naveen Kumar N, 2Nadheem Khan, 3Vijay Ananth 

Title : Clinical Aspects of Renal Artery Variations

Author(s): Richa Gupta1KunalChawla 1Anjali Aggarwal1Tulika Gupta1HarjeetKaur 1Daisy Sahni1

Title : Superficial Branch of Radial Nerve in Fetuses

Author(s): Richa Gupta1Anjali Aggarwal1Tulika Gupta1Harjeet Kaur1DaisySahni1 

Title : Cadaveric study on Facial Artery Perforator Flaps 

Author(s): Richa Gupta1Sunil GabaTulika Gupta1Harjeet Kaur1Anjali Aggarwal1DaisySahni1

Title : Environmental Governance and Sustainable Business Development: Case Of Nestle El Jadida 

Author(s): O. El Gueddar, T.Aarab, A. Sahib Eddine, F. Rahmouni, A. Aajjane  

Title : A Study on Vehicle Differential system

Author(s): 1Chandrakant Singh, 2Lalit Kumar, 3Bhumesh kumar dewangan 4Prakash kumar sen, 5shailendra kumar bohidar 

Title : Study on Designing and Operational Analysis of Wet Clutch

Author(s): Arun Hathile1, Jayesh Raj2,Devin Nirala3, Prakash Kumar Sen4, Shailendra Kumar Bohidar5 

Title : Compressive Sensing and its Application to Speech Signal Processing 

Author(s): Pooja C. Nahar, Dr. Mahesh T. Kolte

Title : Study of event management from entrepreneur’s perspective 

Author(s): Ashlesha Tambde, Nikhil A. Maske

Title : Survey on Hyperspectral Image Denoising 

Author(s): Nilima A. Bandane1,Prof.Ms.Deeksha Bhardwaj2

Title : The Use of Pine wood for Cooking and Lighting in the Basantatar VDC of Dhankuta District

Author(s): Lila Prasad Limbu

Title : Oversampled Graph Filter Banks For Acoustic Signal Processing

Author(s): R.Suganya#1, C.Selvi#2 

Title : The Clients’ Satisfaction of Health Care Servicesat Aselected Health Care Facility in Accra.

Author(s): Dr. Samuel Atindanbila,1 Ms Belinda Boateng,2 Rev. Dr. Daniel Bruce,3 Mr.Felix Apiribu4Mr.NuworzaKugbey5 

Title : Collaborative practices and the management of the triptych cost - quality – time

Author(s): Oumelbanine El Gueddar, Miloudi Kobiyh

Title : A Roadmap Of Customers Perception Towards Mutual Funds In Uttar Pradesh With Special Reference To Lucknow City

Author(s): *(Prof) Dr. Shailendra Kumar Chaturvedi,**Dr. Arvind Kumar Singh,***Karan Veer Singh

Title : A Paradigm Shift for Improved Processing of Small Files in Hadoop

Author(s): Miss Priyanka G. Phakade1, Dr. Suhas D. Raut2 

Title : Divergence Reduction In GPUs With SIMT Architecture 

Author(s): Anju Soosan Baby1, Prof. Balachandran.K 2

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