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Title : Development in the Field Of Technology for Cooperative Problem Solving Utilizing Non-Conventional Energy Resources in India & Future Trend

Author(s): Bhubaneswari Bisoyi1, Biswajit Das2

Title : Challenges In Grid Level Electrical Energy Storage

Author(s): Ila Rai

Title : Effect of Welding Speed on Tool Pin Profile using Friction Stir Welding

Author(s): 1 Dr.G.Thirupati Reddy, 2Syed Rabbani Bash

Title : Promotion Of Entrepreneurship Education In Engineering Colleges: A Case Study Of Tirunelveli District

Author(s): Princitta R1, Amirtha Gowri P2

Title : Smart city – the concept of future

Author(s): Dr. NSSR Murthy1 and Ch. Srinivasa Rao2

Title : Plant Load Factor-Key Parameter for Evaluation of Performance of Thermal Power Plant

Author(s): Vilas S. Motghare1*, Dr. R. K. Cham2

Title : The Socio-Economic Impact of e-governance: Indian Scenario

Author(s): Dr. B.Deevena Margaret1, V.J. Ravi Kumar2,

Title : Investigation of PML Decay Function Performance and its Application in Radiation Boundary of Dam Reservoir

Author(s): Gh. Saeedifar1, S. Pirboudaghi2*, M.H. Ahmadi1, A. Naseri2

Title : Role of Co-Operative Bank in Agriculture: A Case Study Of District Mohali, Punjab

Author(s): Harikesh Maurya

Title : Design and Analysis of MEMS Switch for RF Applications

Author(s): K.Balaji, K.Baranichandar

Title : Exposing Digital Image Forgeries by Illumination Color Classification

Author(s): Shaziya .P.S. Khan1,Prof. S. S. Kulkarni2

Title : Enhanced Scalability In Social Network Application Using Presence Service

Author(s): Poonam G. Pachkawade , Prof. V. M. Deshmukh

Title : Experimental Analysis Of Vapour Compression Refrigeration System For Optimum Performance With Low Pressure Receiver

Author(s): R.Vasanthi1, G. Maruthi Prasad Yadav2

Title : Forensic Accounting And Fraud Examination

Author(s): Dr. T.Naga Lakshmi

Title : Account Security using Randomized 3D Environment Image

Author(s): Ms. R. R. Tayade #1, Prof. V. K. Shandilya#2, Prof. K. R. Ingole #3

Title : Role of Female Participation in the Changing Economy of Sunderban Blocks of South 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India

Author(s): Ms. R. R. Tayade #1, Prof. V. K. Shandilya#2, Prof. K. R. Ingole #3

Title : An Examination of the Relationship between Service Quality Dimensions, Overall Internet Banking Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Author(s): Akshya Singh, Deepti Verma, Vandana Bharti

Title : A Study on the Challenges Faced By Customers In Financial Inclusion

Author(s): Dr. Eugin Prakash Pathrose, Allen Baby, Dr. Uma Maheshwari M.

Title : Scope of Big Data and Its Applications

Author(s): Dr. Vikash K Singh, Devendra Singh Kushwaha, Shaibya Singh, Sonal Sharma

Title : Survey on Mobile Ad hoc Network Performance Using Upper Threshold RED

Author(s): Jai Mungi, Prof. Aishwarya Mishra

Title : Economic Policies to Control Downturn

Author(s): Dr. Haresh Barot

Title : Low-Power and Low-Area Adaptive FIR Filter Based on DA Using FPGA

Author(s): B.Doss1, K.Soundararajan2, Y. Narasimha Murthy3

Title : Traditional Substitution Cipher – A Mathematical Overview and its Implementation

Author(s): Rupali Bhakkad1 , Nilesh Kajale2 , Mohan Reddy Palugulla 3

Title : Discovering Real Time Travel Package Recommendation Using Collaborative Tagging

Author(s): F.Anishya1, M.Suresh kumar2

Title : Impact of FDI on Employment Generation in India

Author(s): Pakanati Someshu,

Title : The Future of Carbon Market and its impact on Business

Author(s): Ajay K. Garg (Ph.D.), Satyendra Arya

Title : Role of Advertisement in Achieving Frowth in Sales and Services of A Business

Author(s): Dr Abhiram Kulshreshtha1, Saju K James2

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