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Title : Management Accountants’ Functions and Control System in Informal Sector’s Business Decisions in Nigeria

Author(s): AKANDE, Adesola Adebayo, OLOWE, Sunday Oluwagbemiga, ASABI, Oludele Mathew

Title : Design and Implementation of HINSPELL -Hindi Spell Checker using Hybrid approach

Author(s): Baljeet kaur1, Harsharndeep Singh2

Title : Wireless monitoring of Soil moisture& humidity using Zigbee in Agriculture

Author(s): Mr.P. V.Karande1,Prof.Zameer Farooqui2,Prof. S.R. Madkar3

Title : Authentication Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks : A Survey

Author(s): M. Mary Madura Selvam1 and R. Jensi2

Title : Effect of Bio-fertilizer and Organic fertilizer on physiological characteristics of Bread Wheat [triticum aestivum L].

Author(s): Kowsar Jan and M.V.Boswal

Title : Effect of Aerobic Exercise on Respiratory Parameters In Untrained And Trained Subjects

Author(s): Sunita Choudhary1*, Dr. Jayant Kumar2, Kamla Choudhary3, Dr. N. D. Soni 4

Title : E-commerce: new forms of work for wealth creation in Zimbabwe

Author(s): Walter. T. Mambodza1, David. I. Fadaraliki2, Shepard Chifamba3, Tendai Marengereke4, Robert


Title : Invitro Comparative Antifungal studies of Alphonsea sclerocarpa with Local herbal shampoo against clinically isolated Aspergillus flavus

Author(s): Vulasi Indrani , Madhuri T , Lakshmi kalyani B and Suvarnalatha Devi P

Title : Big Data Analysis: Challenges and Solutions

Author(s): Dipak M. Durgude1, Nilesh S.Yalij2

Title : Human capital and ISO 14001 EMS of the company: If Nestlé factory El Jadida

Author(s): Oumelbanine EL Gueddar, Ahmed AAJJANE, Miloudi KOBIYH

Title : Decolorization, Degradation, And Toxicological Analysis Of Textile Dye Effluent By Using Novel Techniques – Review

Author(s): S.Barathi and P.Indra Arulselvi*

Title : Tourism Industry: An Instrument of Indian Economic Growth through FDI

Author(s): Dr. Parul Deshwal

Title : Implementation of Adaptive Equalizer using FPGA

Author(s): Rupanjali Grover1, Baljit Kaur2

Title : An Analytical Study -Mergers and Acquisition of Banks in India

Author(s): Rahul Kushwah

Title : Parallel Rough set approximation using map-reduce technique in Hadoop

Author(s): Ankita Dubewar1

Title : Effect of Mobility and Different Data Traffic in Wireless Ad Hoc Network

Author(s): Neha Gandotra, Dr. Vinay Awasthi

Title : Economics of White Maize Production in Fufore Local Government Area of Adamawa State, Nigeria

Author(s): Jalaludeen Usman , Jimjel Zalkuwi , U.M. Bakari and Musa Hamman

Title : Implication of Change Management on Organizational Effectiveness

Author(s): Okebaram Sunday Moses

Title : A Comparative Study on Equity, Commodity, Currency Derivatives in India - Evidence from Future Market with special reference to BSE Ltd, Mumbai

Author(s): *S.Sathya,

Title : Effect Of Culture On Organizational Working: An Empirical Study On The Health Care Sector.

Author(s): S. A. Mufeed* and Qurrat.A Hamdani

Title : A literature review on cell formation problem in a batch oriented production system

Author(s): Rubayet Karim1, Sarojit Kumar Biswas2

Title : Image with the Most Dynamic Screen Pixel Recovery Algorithm

Author(s): J.Saravanakumar1, K.Sindhuja2

Title : Improved Privacy over Authentication of K-Nearest Neighbor Query on Spatial Network

Author(s): V.Srilakshmi1, P.Dhamodharan2

Title : Conventional Neoclassical Test Of Economic And Technical Efficiencies In Pearl Millet Production In Niger State, Nigeria

Author(s): Sadiq, Mohammed Sanusi

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