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Title : Assessment of Some Potentially Toxic Inorganic Contaminants in Soil of the Obi Coalfield, Middle Benue Trough, Nigeria

Author(s): Sallau, A.K1, Adamu M.S2, Mangs A.D2, Lar U.A2

Title : Analysis And Instabilaty Of A Control System

Author(s): *Swarup Bhattacharjee

Title : Predictive Power of Net Profit On Share Returns

Author(s): Vincent Konadu Tawiah, Muhaheranwa Benjamin

Title : Survey on Performance analysis of an Enhanced AODV Routing Protocol

Author(s): Vipin kumar sahu1, Prof. Aishwarya mishra2

Title : Model Based Reverse Engineering With Restructuring Algorithm

Author(s): Ms.G.S.Dhurgalakshmi1, Ms.P.Ramya2

Title : Agriculture Play Crucial Role in the Life of Indian Economy.

Author(s): Naiyer Azam, Dr. Md. Sarfraz Ul Haque

Title : Ocular Manifestations of HIV And Aids

Author(s): Dr.B.V.Satyanarayana,M.S1 ,Dr.P.Satyavathi Devi,M.S2, Dr.Anandakakumar,M.S3

Title : Nd : Yag Laser Posterior Capsulotomy A Clinical Study

Author(s): Dr.B.V.Satyanarayana,M.S1 ,Dr.P.Satyavathi Devi,M.S2, Dr.Saritha Sambhana,M.S3

Title : Surrogacy in India: Legality

Author(s): Deepmala Mishra

Title : A Novel Energy Efficient Transmission gate Voltage Level Shifter for multi VDD systems

Author(s): Padmapriya Kesari

Title : Towards Computational Synergy: Present State-of-the-art of Mobile Cloud Computing

Author(s): Kolluru Venkata Nagendra1, Dr. Maligela Ussenaiah2

Title : Challenges in the path of Retail Industry

Author(s): Hassina Begum

Title : Foreign Direct Investment In Brand Retail Sector In India: A Forecasting Approach

Author(s): Dr.K.Tirumalaiah1 V.Satish Kumar2 W.R.Sony3

Title : Asset Management Web Application

Author(s): Amrita Sinha

Title : Named Entity Recognition (NER) System for Hindi Language Using Combination of Rule Based Approach and List Look Up Approach

Author(s): Yavrajdeep Kaur1, Er.Rishamjot Kaur2

Title : Study on Detection of Carbapenemases In Clinical Isolates Of Family Enterobacteriaceae

Author(s): P.Vasundhara Devi1*,P.Sreenivasulu Reddy2, Maria Sindhura John2

Title : A Clinical Study Of Post Operative Refraction In Pciol Patients

Author(s): Dr.A.P.R.Naidu M.S1, Dr.M.V.Bhavani M.S2, Dr.V.Murali Krishna M.S.3,,Dr.R.Sasya M.S.4


Author(s): Dr.A.P.R.Naidu M.S1, Dr.V.Satya Srinivas M.S2, Dr.V.Murali Krishna M.S3,, Dr.A.Sharmila,M.S 4

Title : Impact Of Self Help Group On Members In Bidar District- Karnataka (India)

Author(s): Mahesh kumar M, Sudhakar Reddy

Title : Proptosis - A Clinical Profile

Author(s): Dr.A.P.R.Naidu M.S1,Dr.V.Satya Srinivas M.S2, Dr.V.Murali Krishna M.S3,,Dr.P.Madhuri M.S4

Title : A Study on Socio-economic well-being of rural area of Lebong, Darjeeling

Author(s): Sunny Rawat*

Title : Understanding India’s Energy Sector: Players, Policy Framework and Challenges

Author(s): Diksha Garg, Kamlesh Kaur

Title : Semantic Hashing Technique for Retrieving Web Facial Images

Author(s): Rupali Kale1, Swati Patil2, Ganesh Dhanokar3

Title : Aetio Pathogenesis Of Optic Atrophy: Case Study

Author(s): Dr.V.Murali Krishna,M.S1,Dr.APR Naidu,M.S2,Dr.P.Ravi Kumar,M.S3

Title : Detection of Field Defects in Primary Open Angle Glaucoma Patients Using Humphrey’s Automated Perimetry – Clinical Study

Author(s): Dr. B K Jain M.S1, Dr.E.Rama devi M.S2, Dr.V.Muralikrishna M.S3, Dr.D.Arpana Shaffer,M.S.

Title : Orbital Cellulitis Secondary To Spheno Ethmoidalsinusitis Complicating Septic Thrombosis Of Right Superior Ophthalmic Vein And Anterior Cavernous Sinus: A Case Report

Author(s): Dr.E.Rama devi M.S1 ,Dr. B K Jain M.S2, Dr.V.Muralikrishna M.S3,Dr.E.Anupama (MS)4

Title : The Theoritical Framework On Factors Affecting Consumer Impulsive Buying Behaviour In Retail Environment

Author(s): Mr .K. Balaji MBA,* *Dr .M. Kishore Babu,

Title : Design and analysis of self clocked flip-flop based shift registers using 90 nm CMOS technology

Author(s): Achyut pandey1, Ravi Mohan2, Vivek Dubey3

Title : “A Comparative Study on Corneal Astigmatism Induced By Superior Versus Temporal Incision In Small Incision Cataract Surgery”

Author(s): * Dr.M.V. Bhavani1, Dr.K.Laksmoji Naidu2, Dr. Adapa Venkata Satish 3

Title : Design, Analysis and Development of Multiutility home equipment using Scissor Lift Mechanism

Author(s): Divyesh Prafulla Ubale1, Alan Francy2, N.P Sherje3

Title : A Review On Recovering Waste Heat From Condenser Of Domestic Refrigerator

Author(s): Tanmay Patil, Nitesh Medhane, Yogesh Mahapure, Kalpesh Nagmoti, Prof. Anil Dube

Title : English To Punjabi Script Converter System For Proper Nouns Using Hybrid Approach

Author(s): Devinder Kaur1, Er.Rishamjot Kaur2

Title : Performance Appraisal Management In Aviation Industry

Author(s): Ratnamani

Title : Human Resource Management and Politics and Public Administration in India

Author(s): Lenin Gogoi

Title : Analysis Of Constraints Influencing Sorghum Farmers Using Garrett’s Ranking Technique; A Comparative Study Of India And Nigeria

Author(s): Jimjel. Zalkuwi1, Rakesh Singh2, Madhusudan Bhattarai3, O.P Singh4Dayakar Rao5

Title : “SecureChild - Children Tracking Android Application”

Author(s): Snehal P. Umratkar1, Prof. Ram Kumar2

Title : On Intuitionistic Fuzzy Almost Regular ⍺ Generalized Continuous Mappings

Author(s): Nivetha M1, Jayanthi D2

Title : Data Deduplication: An approach for avoidance of duplicate data

Author(s): G.Karthika1, M.P.Ruby2, S.Vijalakshmi3, M.Purushothaman4 , S.Anbarasan5

Title : Study Of Axial Length In Retinal Vein Occlusions

Author(s): Dr CH Srinivasa Murty1, Dr BK Vinod kumar 2, Dr Swetha3

Title : An Innovative Education Model to realize Ideal Education System

Author(s): P. S. Aithal1 & P. Shubhrajyotsna Aithal2

Title : Prevention and Detection of Attacks in MANET Using Hybrid Approach

Author(s): Ms.Apurva Kulkarni1, Mr.Prashant Rewagad 2, Mr. Mayur Agrawal 3


Author(s): Dr. Ch. Srinivasa Murty1, Dr. V. Chandrasekhar Reddy2

Title : Clinical Correlative Study Of Posterior Segment Pathology In Blunt Ocular Trauma Using B-Scan Ultrasound

Author(s): Dr. Ch. Srinivasa Murty1, Dr. B.K.Vinod Kumar2, Dr.N.Ratna Kumari3

Title : Vibration of three-layered cylindrical shell with functionally graded middle layer for various volume fraction laws

Author(s): [1]Zermina Gull Bhutta

Title : Evalution of Fixed Assets Management

Author(s): Dr.I.Satyanarayana1, N.B.C.Sidhu2, A.Naresh3

Title : Performance Appraisal

Author(s): Dr.I.Satyanarayana1, N.B.C.Sidhu2, D.Sunitha3

Title : Review on Financial Analysis

Author(s): Dr.I.Satyanarayana1, N.B.C.Sidhu2, A.Vamshidhar Reddy3

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