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Title : Enhancement in OTP generation process for cloud data security using Diffie-Hellman and HMAC - A Review

Author(s): Komalpreet Kaur, Rohit Sethi

Title : The FTHMRP protocol for Multicasting in Mobile Adhoc Networks- A Review

Author(s): Dheeraj Sharma , Rohit Sethi

Title :India and China -Looking Below the Surface to Compare These Two Rising Asian Business Giants

Author(s): Nidhi Khandelwal

Title : Closed Intra-Medullary Interlocking Nail Improves Surgical And Functional Outcome Of Diaphyseal Fracture Of Tibia – Our Experience

Author(s): *P. Krishna Reddy1, P.Ashok Reddy2

Title : A Clinical Study of Lens Induced Glaucoma

Author(s): Dr. Ch. Srinivasa Murty 1, Dr. V. Murali Krishna 2, Dr. Beatrice Choppara 3

Title : Influence Of Web Security Decisions By Hci Models

Author(s): K. Akhil*

Title : Secured Netbanking Using Minutiae Method
Author(s): Dharani, S.Sangeetha, S.Sowmya

Title : A Study on Risk and Return Analysis of Selected Stocks in India
Author(s):Dr. S. Krishnaprabha1, Mr.M.Vijayakumar2

Title : Study On Herzberg Intrinsic Factors Of Motivation
Author(s):Sumaira Kanwal And Muhammad Musarrat Nawaz

Title : A Study On Clinical And Microbiological Evaluation Of Corneal Ulcers In GGH, Kakinada During 2013-2015.
Author(s):Dr K.Lakshmoji Naidu M.S (oph), Dr Bhavani, M.S.(Oph) Dr P.Srinivas (M.S.)

Title : Generic Lossless Visible Watermarking
Author(s):Ms. Mrunali U. Bhaisare1, Prof. Vivek R. Raut2

Title : Principles of Optimization Techniques to Combinatorial Optimization Problems and Decomposition
Author(s):[1] B.Satheesh kumar, [2] G.Nagalakshmi [3] Dr S.Khumaraguru

Title : HIV Seroprevalence Among Tuberculosis Patients Visiting Rntcp Centre In A Tertiary Care Hospital In Andhra Pradesh
Author(s):Mamuduru P Srikrishna , Bhaskar Singamsetty

Title : Giant Parotid Sialolithiasis: Report of a case with review of literature
Author(s):Dr Banerjee Nupur 1; Dr Mitra Sanjib 2; *Dr Kundu Surajit 3

Title : Review the Impact of Advertising and Sale Promotion on Brand Equity
Author(s):Mrs. Jincy K. john1, Dr. Naveen kumar2

Title : Some notes on z- scores and t- scores
Author(s):Sahana Prasad

Title : Optimal Sizing And Placement Of Distributed Generation In A Radial Distribution System Using Loss Sensitivity Factor And Firefly Algorithm.
Author(s):Priyanka Das

Title : Design Fabrication and Testing Of a Motorized Paper Perforation Machine
Author(s):Matthew Sunday Abolarin1, Olugboji Oluwafemi Ayodeji2, Jiya Jonathan Yisa3, Ngoffia Raphael Idoo4 Ajani Clement Kehinde5

Title : Integration of culture in Second Language Learning
Author(s):Pakiza Saba1, Faiza Noreen2

Title : An Identifying Impartment Of Product Using Aspect Ranking
Author(s):M.Meenakshi1 and D.Sindhu2

Title : Application and Research of Multimedia Technology in Modern Teaching
Author(s):Ms. Vandna, Dr. Ritu Sindhu

Title : Design and Analysis of Combinational Circuits Using Quantum Dot Cellular Automata (QCA)
Author(s):M. Prabakaran1, R. Vennila2

Title : Food Safety - The Need Of The Hour
Author(s):Dr.Karri Vijaya, Dr.Epari Ravi Kiran

Author(s): 1D. Chatterjee, 2 A. Mitra

Title : Hydraulic Engine Mount - In Automotive Application
Author(s): Priyanka P. Pawaskar1, Pranit M. Patil2, Shrikant B. Gawas3

Title : Behavior of transmission loss in muffler with the variation in absorption layer thickness
Author(s): Ujjal Kalita1, Abhijeet Pratap2, Sushil Kumar3

Title : Is there a role of CT in the evaluation of Proptosis
Author(s): Dr.K.Sambasivarao1 Dr.B.Ushalatha2

Title : An Analysis of Appointment of Directors under the Companies Act, 2013
Author(s): Dr. G. Velmurugan1 and Prof. R. Subashini2

Title : Impact Of Social Media Marketing In Business Engagement
Author(s): Mr. Ankit Laddha, Ms. Prachi Rathi, Ms. Ruchi Mantri

Title : Women Empowerment through Entrepreneurship and Its Glitches: A Theoretical Approach
Author(s): Mrs. Gopika G1, Ms. Remya John2 & Ms. Elsa M Jose3

Title : Guerrilla marketing: as an apparatus for “interactive and embedded advertising tool for marketing goods”; through innovative sources of social networking
Author(s): Mrs. Gopika G

Title : Corporate Social Responsibility: Strategic Implication of Adopting Green Marketing in Indian Companies.
Author(s): Gopika G1, Athira Hind Senan 2, Karthika M B 3

Title : Advance Flow Control for High Efficiency Renewable System Using Arm Processor

Author(s): B.Prasanth (1) & Mr.K.Karthik (2)

Title : Automated Detection and Counting of Red Blood Cell using Image Processing Techniques.

Author(s): Pawan Agrawal1, Pradipti Verma2

Title : Content Based Image Retrieval Using C-SVM Technique

Author(s): Sumiti Bansal1, Er.Rishamjot Kaur2

Title : Global System For Mobile Communication (GSM)

Author(s): 1N.Sasikiran, 2N.Govinda Rao, 3N.Ravi Teja, 4S.Jeswanth Krishna Kumar, 5G.Murari

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