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Title : Solving Fuzzy Bottleneck Transportation Problems Using Blocking Zero Point Method

Author(s): S.Naresh kumar, Dr. S.Kumaraghuru

Title : Protection on Social Network Data Using Sensitive and Non- Sensitive Labels

Author(s): Prabhanjana Konni1, Balaka Ramesh Naidu2

Title : Quality of Service Effect and Energy Analysis under AODV in MANET

Author(s): Bhaskar babu yadav#1 Sitesh Kumar Sinha, Deependra kumar jha

Title : Causes And Problems Of Population Displacement Of The Mishings Of Dhemaji Due To Flood Vulnerability

Author(s): Likhan Ch. Doley, Raju Pegu

Title : Leadership And Human Development For Nation Building

Author(s): Sabitu Olalekan Owotutu, Adegbite Ganiu Adewale, Adesola Adebayo Akande

Title : Conversion of Regular Expression in To Finite Automata

Author(s): Neha, Abhishek Sharma

Title : Antimicrobial studies of Ricinus communis seeds extracts

Author(s): Beenish Javaid1*, Nadia Rana2, Misbah3, Kashaf Javed3

Title : Impact of Organizational Culture on Innovation: A Study of Demographic of Software Professionals

Author(s): Ruchi Khanna1(Research Scholar), Dr. Vandana Bharti2 (Associate Professor),

Title : Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communication: Traffic Safety Over RF Communication

Author(s): Aarti Chauhan1, Nidhi Sharma2

Title : A brief idea on application of the Quasi Random Model to study the propagation of a laser beam through water vapour.

Author(s): Surajit Bhuyan

Title : An Approach Of Multipath Routing For Congestion Control Improvement In Manet

Author(s): Minakshi Dhamija1, Dr. Ritu Sindhu2

Title : Proactive Mechanism of Protection against SQL Injection Attack

Author(s): Surya Pratap Singh1, Avinash Singh2, Upendra Nath Tripath3, Manish Mishra4

Title : Soil beneficial microbes and their role in Sesbania grandiflora growth in non-fertile soil

Author(s): S. Lalitha

Title : Network Security: Attacks, Tools and Techniques

Author(s): Vandna1, Dr. Ritu Sindhu2

Title : A study on assessment of Non-Scholastic Abilities in Primary School Children

Author(s): Dr. K. Vijaya, Dr.E.Ravi Kiran,Md,Mipha,

Title : Review on Consistency as a Service: Auditing Cloud Consistency (CAAS Model)

Author(s): Rupesh C Bichwe, Prof. Shyam P Dubey, Prof. Nilesh Chaubey

Title : Step Function Model For Forecasting Project Cash Flow

Author(s): Vivek C. Datey

Title : Principles of Optimization Techniques to Combinatorial Optimization Problems and Decomposition

Author(s): [1] B.Satheesh kumar, [2] G.Nagalakshmi[3] Dr S.Khumaraguru

Title : Trade off between Liquidity and Profitability

Author(s): Hina Mushtaq*, Dr. Anwar F. Chishti**, Sumaira Kanwal*, Sobia Saeed*

Title : Study On Herzberg Intrinsic Factors Of Motivation

Author(s): Sumaira Kanwal*, Dr. M. Musarrat Nawaz **, Sobia Saeed*, Hina Mushtaq*

Title : Personality Traits, Coping Strategies and Social Support in patients with Depression and Anxiety

Author(s): Alina Naveed, Aasma Yousaf

Title : Effectiveness of Quality Nurse Scheduling

Author(s): [1] B.Satheesh kumar, [2] G.Nagalakshmi

Title : Detection Techniques for Sybil Attack in MANETs

Author(s): Shamikh Faraz

Title : Improving an Automation Framework by Reducing Technical Debt

Author(s): Pradeep kumar R S1, Chethana R Murthy2

Title : Design and Implementation of Raw Milk Reception Dock System

Author(s): Snehal Jadhav, Dr. Janardan Chitode, Mr. Samir Phutane

Title : Seed Sowing Using Robotics Technology

Author(s): Swati D.Sambare, S.S.Belsare

Title : Secure Overlay Cloud Storage with File Assured Deletion

Author(s): Dayananda RB1 , Prof. Dr. G.Manoj Someswar2 ,T.P. Suryachandra Rao3

Title : Application Of Neuro – Fuzzy Systems In Gene Classification

Author(s): Shivangi Chawla1, Meghana Aggarwal2, Deepika Malhotra3

Title : Managing Inconsistencies In Software Design Model

Author(s): 1Sadia Sahar, 2Tasleem Mustafa, 3Farnaz Usman, 4Farnaz Usman, 5Aasma Khalid, 6Sidra Hafiz, 7Nadia Aslam

Title : Development of an Intelligent Eye for Automatic Surveillance Based on Sound Recognition

Author(s): Lutfun Nahar Nipaa Md. Rokunuzzamanb Tamanna Tasnim Moonc

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