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Title : A Study on Spiritual Quotient Among College Students In Coastal Town of Mangalore, Karnataka State.

Author(s):   Dr.Karri Vijaya, Dr.Epari Ravi Kiran 

Title : Land Inequality, an over the years trend:A District Level Analysis of Punjab Province, Pakistan

Author(s):   Sobia Saeed*, Dr. Munir Ahmad**, Hina Mushtaq*, Sumaira Kanwal*

Title : Making Data Analysis into Incentive Compatibility Mode Using DNCC Approach

Author(s):  P Vamsi Naidu1, K Lavanya2 

Title : A Technical Review On Hyperthermia

Author(s):  D.Kaarthika1, Saranya.D2 

Title : Globalisation's impact on the Global Public Goods & Public Bad: An Economics view on the EBOLA outbreak

Author(s):  Vijay J. Ahir 

Title : Design and Implementation of Automated irrigation system using ZIGBEE and GSM

Author(s):  Mamta patidar, Prof .S.S.Belsare 

Title : Wireless Sensor Network for Real Time Monitoring and Detection of Water Contamination

Author(s):  Trupti R. Patil, Prof.R.M.Khaire 

Title : The Impact of Terrorism And Political Events On Stock Market: Empirical Evidence From Pakistan

Author(s):  1Khakan Najaf, 2Rabia Najaf, 3Amir Iqbal, 4Imran Hussain Shah

Title : Dandy walker syndrome- a CMF involving brain -case report

Author(s):  Joseph Abraham*, Amandeep Kaur*, Anshu Sharma*, Mahesh Sharma*, Suman Kochhar# 

Title: Innovative Construction Technique Using Ferrocrete

Author(s):  Sujit Matale1, Shruti Krishnakumar2, Atul Yadav3, Aashika Patidar4, Sagar Lalage5    

Title: Flora used other than Medicinal purposes by Baduga ethnic in Nilgiri

Author(s):  Patharaj.J1, Kavya 2, Kannan R3 

Title: Blind Source separation and Echo cancellation using Discreet Wavelet transform and ICA  

Author(s):  Shweta Yadav1, Prof. Meena Chavan2

Title: International Crude Oil Price Fall: Implication of Adopted CBN’s Restrictive Monetary Policies on SMEs Performance in Nigeria  

Author(s): Salako M. A.1,   Adedina Lawrence2,   Yusuf Sulaimon Aremu3  Ayelotan O. I.4

Title: Computer Science and Software Engineering  

Author(s): Meenakshi Dhamija1,Dr. Ritu Sindhu2 

Title: Comparison of Rectangular& Circular Patch Antenna  

Author(s): Deepak Malik* Dr.P.Mital* 

Title: Design & Simulation of Dielectric Resonator Antenna for Millimeter Applications 

Author(s): Rahul Kumar Paswan* Dr.P. Mital*

Title: Social Cost-Benefit Analysis – A Case Study of Tata Steel Coal Washery, Jamadoba

Author(s): Vipulesh Shardeo1, Manu Raj2, Harsh Srivastava3

Title: Real-time Misbehavior Detection Approach By Prof Relay Node Formulation

Author(s): Ms. Abirami.S 1, Dr. T. Senthil Prakash 2, Mr. Senthil.J, M.E.3 

Title: Proficient Cloud Based Authenticated Database Scheme for Web services

Author(s): Mrs. Evangeline. S #1, Mr. S.Vijayanand *2, Ms. Abirami.S.,@3

Title: A Study on Awareness of Tuberculosis among the Population of the Field Practice Area of Urban Health Centre, Panagal, Nalgonda District, Andhra Pradesh

Author(s): Dr.Epari Ravi Kiran, Dr.Karri Vijaya, 

Title: Real-Time Monitoring Framework for Parallel Processes

Author(s): Swagatika Kar


Author(s): Gayathri. R1, Vijaya Madhavi. M2,T.Christy Bobby3 

Title: Trend Assessment of Different Malariometric Parameters of Surat City: A Retrospective Study

Author(s): Priyanka D Jariwala1 

Title: Assessment of morbidity and mortality by influenza A (H1N1) among pregnant women in Western Rajasthan, India

Author(s):Dr. Ramesh Agrawal1, Dr.Vinod K.Maurya2, Dr.Kanhaiya lal seervi3, Dr.R.S.Parihar4, Dr.P.K.Khatri5, Dr.Saroj Meena6,

Dr. Archna Bora7 

Title: Design Low Noise Digital Decimation Filter For Sigma-Delta-ADC

Author(s): Pramod Kumar Singh, Kanika Sharma

Title: Energy Allocation Algorithm for Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Network

Author(s): Sandeep Kumar Singh 

Title: Effect of Cartoon Shows on Kids Fashion

Author(s): Shikha Gupta1, Brishti Panna2 

Title: Micronutrients Level In Control And Malnourished Children

Author(s): Dr. Ravinder K. Arora*, Dr Anju Jha** 

Title: Will they resolve their difference:- A Conflict Story

Author(s): Padhmanabhan. V 

Title: Authentication Revolution using Bring Your Own Identity

Author(s): Supriya N. Kolambkar1, Prof. RakeshSuryawanshi2 

Title: India and Germany: Global Partnership in 21st century

Author(s): Pamreihor Khashimwo 

Title: Study Of WSNs: Its Application and Types

Author(s): Prachi Pandey, 

Title: Design & Simulation of Microstrip Trapezoidal Patch Antenna with H and V Shaped slot 

Author(s): Pooja Garg, Abhishek Gupta, Gyanender Kumar 

Title: Comparison of Different algorithm for Speed Control of Brushless D.C Motor Using Matlab Simulink

Author(s): Rekha Rana* Gyanender Kumar** Pinkey* 

Title: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Its Implementation towards Good Governance

Author(s): Dr. Arvind Kumar Singh* Mr. Saurabh Jha** 

Title: Trade Liberalization, Poverty and Inequality

Author(s): Shivendra Kumar Dubey 

Title: Morphological Disambiguator for Marathi using NLP

Author(s): Arti P. Khadtare1, Dr. Suhas Raut2, M. S. Otari3 

Title: Fuzzy Logic Based Handover decision and Necessity Estimation Scheme for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

Author(s): Er Sunita 1 , Er Sonika Soni2 , Er Silki Baghla2 

Title: An Efficient Implementation Of MIMO OFDM Transceiver on FPGA

Author(s): Pranali Langde1, Nilesh Mohota2 

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