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Title : Design And Implementation Of 256 Bit Advanced Encryption Standard On FPGA

Author(s): Pallavi A. Vaidya1, Prof. Nilesh A.Mohota2  

Title : Privacy Intensification And Profile Based Search In Web

Author(s): S.Deivanai1 ,  Mr.Pradeepkumar sahoo2

Title : Privacy Preservation of Social Network Data

Author(s): Miss. Srushti. N. Patil, Prof. Priti. A. Khodke 

Title : A Numerical Study on Unsteady Natural Convection Flow with Temperature Dependent Thermal Conductivity past an Isothermal Vertical Cylinder

Author(s): Md. A Hossain1 R.K.Mondal2 S.F.Ahmmed3

Title : Effects Of Blood Lead, Smoking Habits And Nutritional Status Toward Cystatin C Serum 

Author(s): *Muliyadi1, H.J Mukono2, Haryanto Notopuro3 

Title : Design and simulation of Parallel circuit class E Power amplifier 

Author(s): Ranjitha.R1,  Shanthi.P2

Title : A Compact Dual Band –Notched UWB Antenna using Inverted T-shaped Slots

Author(s): Deepak Kumar 1, Anurag Garg 2, Pankaj Kumar Dhakar3 

Title :Improving the fuel economy and reduction of pollutants from Automobiles using HHO gas

Author(s): A.L.R.Prathyusha1,   Dr. T Nancharaiah2

Title :Study and Improvement of Manufacturing performance By Implementation of TPM

Author(s): Prof. Ravi Ngaich, Pavan Kumar Malviya, 

Title :Incidence Of Carbapenem Resistant Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Isolated From Patients With Lower Respiratory Tract Infection In Intesive Care Units

Author(s): Mrs.Jyoti Aswani, Mihir Pattanayak, Dr.Shweta Sao, Dr.P.K. Panda

Title :Lipid Peroxidation And Respiratory Disorders To The Workers Pool

Author(s): Pratiwi Hermiyanti1*, H.J. Mukono2, Harianto Notopuro3 

Title :Correlation Levels Of Mercury In The Blood Toward Levels Of Cystatin C Serum Treatment In Two Rural Traditional Gold Kokap Kulon Progo Yogyakarta

Author(s): Ullya Rahmawati1, Lilis Sulistyorini2, Tjipto Suwandi3

Title :Increasing The TNF-α Levels In Nasal Lavage Liquid And Pulmonary Function Decrease Of Rice Mill Operator Exposed To Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) Endotoxin

Author(s): William Wilfridus Lamawuran1*,  I Ketut Sudiana2, Soedjajadi Keman3 

Title :Improved Gama Of Interferon (IFN- γ) Serum Levels And Decrease Due To Exposure Pulmonary Endotoxin Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) In Wood Dust Toward Workers Of Wood Processing Factory

Author(s): Awaluddin H.R.Inaku1*, I. Ketut Sudiana2, Soejajadi K3 

Title :Detection of Conjugate Points on Pair of Overlapping Image using Epipolar Correlation

Author(s): Kanika Khetarpal, Kamal Saluja 

Title : Comparative Performance Evaluation Of Himachal Pradesh Co-Operative Bank And Kangra Central Co-Operative Bank

Author(s): Navdeep Barwal, Kuldeep Kumar

Title : Association Rule Mining using Apriori algorithm for work-related beliefs of Generation X and Generation Y.

Author(s): Dr. Bhagirathi Nayak 1 CA. Vijaya Batth 2 

Title : Employee Engagement Learning from cross industry-a case study

Author(s): 1.Dr.Mihika Kulkarni, 2.Mr.Milind Mutalik 

Title : Cavitary Lung Disease: Not Always due to Tuberculosis – coexistence of lung cancer and pulmonary tuberculosis A Case Report from India

Author(s): Soni Laxman Kumar1, Purohit Gopal2, Choudhary C.R3, Vyas Sunil4, Soni Priyanka5, Sharma Lalit6, Kumari Jyoti7

Title : Investors Attitudes towards Stock Market Investment

Author(s): C.Kavitha 

Title : Actual Power Consumption Values Of Alloy Steels – Experimental Results

Author(s):Chiluveru  Parameshwar 1, Prof. R. Markandeya 2 , Prof. G.L Datta. 3

Title : The Impact Of Performance Management System On Employee Involvement And Interpersonal Trust: A Survey Among Scientists

Author(s):Ms Tessla Arakal, Dr.Sebastian Rupert Mampilly 

Title : Strength Analysis of Class F-Fly Ash Based Coconut Fiber Composite

Author(s): B.Rajasekhar1, M.Prakash2, P.Suresh3 

Title : Investigation Of Bacterial Counts In Air At Different Wards Of A Tertiary Care Hospital, Western Rajasthan

Author(s): Laxmi Rathore*, Dr.P.K. Khatri , Dr.Saroj Meena , Dr.Archana Bora, Niranjan Sharma & Shivani khullar 

Title : Clipping and Companding Technique for BER and PAPR Reduction in OFDM System

Author(s):     Nitin Saroha,Vinay Singal

Title : Design & Simulation of Rectangular & Circular Patch Antenna with EBG Substrates

Author(s):     Navneet Saroha, Manjeet Goyat

Title : Detection of Noise in an Image using Blind Deconvolution Method 

Author(s):     Puneet Kaushik * Mridul Chawla* Gyanender Kumar** 

Title : Optical And Humidity Sensing Properties Of Pure Zno And Zno/Sno2 Thin Films Deposited By Spray Paralysis Method

Author(s):     K.C. Dubey1, Harshita Singh2 and R.K. Shukla2* 

Title : Bilateral anomalous origin of the medial circumflex femoral artery : a case report

Author(s):  Megha Rapotra, Amandeep Kaur, Anshu Sharma, Mahesh Sharma

Title : Bilateral anomalous origin of the medial circumflex femoral artery : a case report

Author(s):   Ritu Chaudhary1, Geeta Arora2

Title :  The Impact of Port Congestion on The Nigerian Economy

Author(s):   1ONYEMA, Henry Kelechi, 1OBINNA, Polycarp, 1EMENYONU, Uchenna Martin 2EMEGHARA Godfrey Chigozie 

Title :  Are we taking it too far by blaming fast food restaurants for obesity? When is it individual responsibility?

Author(s):   Saurabh Gupta 

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