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Title : A Survey on Pattern Recognition Techniques

Author(s): Mrs.Shubha T V

Title : Framework for Splitting Algorithm of NCAC-MAC Protocol for collision Avoidance in Wireless Ad Hoc Network  

Author(s): Ms. Pagar Arati V., Asst.Prof.A.S.Narote

Title : Co-Deposition of Serum Amyloid P Component in mouse Brain following Chronic Inflammatory Mice 

Author(s): Asokan C* 

Title : Ionospheric Scintillation During Night Time Beyond EIA, Using GPS 

Author(s): Babita Chandel 

Title : Assessment Of Water Quality Using Multi-Variate Analysis,Water Quality Index And Geo-Statistical Analysis

Author(s): Miss.Kavya.S, Asst.professor, 

Title : A study on Long-term orientation, Self-Efficacy and Self-derogation of Kudumbashree members with special reference to Self Help Group in Kerala

Author(s): *Ms.Ansa Salim, **Dr MM Sulphy 

Title : Up gradation of Network monitoring Software with Absolute Zero Downtime and no Performance Loss Using Double virtualization

Author(s): Chandan N1,  Cauvery NK 2,  Sarath Kumar Reddy M3, Jithendra Mungara4.

Title : Determinants Of Investment Decision Making Among Kenya Ferry Services Employees

Author(s): Nelson Nabianga Joseph1, Abdullah Ibrahim Ali2 

Title : Modified Hodge Test For Detection Of Carbapenemase In Clinical Isolates Of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa.

Author(s): 1Mrs.Jyoti Aswani, 2Dr. Ramnesh Murthy, 3Dr.Shweta Sao, 4Mihir Pattanayak

Title : Prisonser’s suicides in india – Constitutional and Civil liability

Author(s): NSSR Murthy1 and  MSV Srinivas2

Title : Diurnal and Seasonal variability of Ozone with its Precursors Gases at Jabalpur

Author(s): Shampa Sarkar 

Title : Emotion Detection from Brain and Audio Signal

Author(s): Priyanka A.Wandile1, Dr.Narendra Bawane2, Mr.Pratik Hajare3 

Title : Reduction of PAPR in OFDM Signals by using Electromagnetism Optimization Algorithm

Author(s): R.Padma, K.Krishna Kishore

Title : Financial Inclusion In India

Author(s): * Manisha, **Sumeet 

Title : Towards GST Regime In India

Author(s): Shruti Garg 

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