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Title : Simulation & Analysis of 3ϕ (5&7 level) Diode Clamped Multilevel inverter fed to Induction Motor

Author(s): Mr. Arjun. R. Masal1, Dr. Anwar M. Mulla2, Mr. Birudev. M. Daingade 3 

Title : Registeration Portal for Seminar/Workshops

Author(s): Rushika Verma [1],Sandhya Murali[2] 

Title : The Study of New Digital Adaptation In Marketing through Chatvertising And Their Impact On Young Consumers Mind

Author(s): Krishan Kant Meena*  

Title : A Study On Financial Performance Analysis Of Spinning Mills Of Coimbatore City

Author(s): S.Sathya*,  Dr.R.Umarani** 

Title : Literature Survey on IDS of MANET

Author(s): Ms. Apurva Kulkarni1, Mr.Prashant Rewagad2, Mr.Mayur Agrawal3 

Title : Studies On Electrical Conductance Of Novel Random Copolymers And Photocrosslinking Efficacy Of Their Blend 

Author(s): Nanofibers 

Title : Modified Hodge Test For Detection Of Carbapenemase In Clinical Isolates Of Pseudomonas  Aeruginosa.

Author(s): Mrs.Jyoti Aswani, Dr. Ramnesh Murthy, Dr.Shweta Sao, Mihir Pattanayak 

Title : An Exploratory Study Of Work Life Balance Emanates And Work Satisfaction In Ericsson Company-Chennai City

Author(s): S.Vijaya Kumari, Dr.A.Manor Selvi

Title : Energy Efficiency Methods In Ferrous Melting Foundries -Green House Gas Emissions- A Review

Author(s): Ch.Parameshwar 1  and   Prof. R. Markandeya 2  

Title : A Well-Knit Agro Supply Chain As A Precursor To Growth And Development Of Horticulture

Author(s): Dr. Taruna[1] Asim Kumar Rajbhar[i]

Title : The Challenges before Corporate Social Responsibility in Global Era

Author(s): Mr. Gaurav1, Mr. Gaurav2 

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