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Title : Knowledge Sharing: Collaboration between Universities and Industry Organizations

Author(s): Dr. Taruna Yadav1 Vaibhav Shrivastava2 

Title : Emergence of Whitespace Technology for the Creation of Super Wi-Fi Network 

Author(s): Dr. Vikash Kumar Singh, Devendra Singh Kushwaha, Roshni Tiwari, Sonal Sharma

Title : “A study on the perception of investment and the selection behavior of investors towards the mutual funds.”

Author(s): Roopadarshini.S, Nagaraj A M 

Title : A Review on Lubrication and Wear in IC Engine Using Acoustic Emission

Author(s): Ajay yadav1, Prakash Kumar Sen2, Gopal Sahu3

Title : A Study on Advance Electronic Fuel Injection System 

Author(s): Ram Kumar Kunjam1, Prakash Kumar Sen2 , Gopal Sahu3 

Title : An Experimental Study on Mechanical Properties of Concrete by Using Polypropylene Fibers 

Author(s): M.Sri Priya1, Er. Vinodh Kumar Balaji2 

Title : Creating A New Mindset: Reverse Mentoring

Author(s): Dr. Parul Deshwal 

Title : Variation of Refractive Index of PMMA with temperature and different doping % of Tio2

Author(s): Poonam Pendke1, K. Das 2


Title : Optimizing Just-In-Time Inventory System for Resource Allocation in Plastic Manufacturing Industry in Nigeria

Author(s): 1Nancy C. Agha Ph.D., 2Ewans  Chukwuma

Title : A Critical Review of Stealth Technology on The Ships And Submarine

Author(s): Raj Kamal1,Shailendra Kumar Bohidar2,Prakash Kumar Sen3, Gopal Sahu4

Title : Semantic Gap Reduction in Content Based Image Retrieval: A Survey

Author(s): Nirali V Patel , Ghanshyam I Prajapati

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