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Title :  MHD free convective flow along an inclined permeable stretching sheet with viscous dissipation and chemical reaction 

Author(s): M.  S.  Alam1, S. M. Chapal Hossain1 and M. S.  H. Mollah2 

Title : Multi Objective Optimization of Built Orientation For Rapid Prototyping Of Connecting Rod

Author(s): Tanay V.Dania, Prashant M.Kamdib, Gaurav C.Nalamwarc, Vishal N. Borsed 

Title : Design Methodologies of air-conditioner cum water dispenser

Author(s): U.V.Kongrea,M.B.Salunkheb,A.A.Pohekarc,S.S.Shendekard. 

Title : Thermal Behavior 0f Semicoductor Bismuth Iodate [Bi(IO3)3] Crystals Grown by Silica Gel 

Author(s): T.K.Patil 

Title : Determination of Trace Amount Of Copper (Cu) Using Uv-Vis Spectrophotometric Method. 

Author(s): Khokan Chandra Sarker and Dr. Md. Rafique Ullaha 

Title : Design of Control Power Supply Using Ultra-capacitor 

Author(s): Dhaval Patel1, Sanjay K.Patel2 

Title : Chromosome Segmentation Using K-Means Clustering 

Author(s): Soumya.D.S1,Arya.V 2

Title : Detection of Arsenic In Chickens And Ducks 

Author(s): M.S. Islam1*, M.A. Awal1, M. Mostofa1, F. Begum1 and M. Myenuddin2

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