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Title : Design and Development of a Charge-Sensitive Preamplifier for Nuclear Pulse Processing

Author(s): M. Nazrul Islam, T. Fujiwara1, S. Kenji1, H.Takahashi1 ,Kh. Asaduzzaman, Md. Shahzamal, Md. N Haque Mia, M S Alam2, Mahmudul Hasan3 and Mahbubul Hoq4

Title : Application of Duplication Strategy In 4g For Better Accessibility To Network

Author(s): Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman Khan Mamun1, A.S.M. Abdullah2 and Selim Mahmud3

Title : A Novel Model for Efficient Communication in 2g/2.5g Or 3g Through Reduced Signalling Overhead

Author(s): Selim Mahmud1, Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman Khan Mamun2 and Saikat Biswas3

Title : Clustering with Multi view point-Based Similarity Measure using NMF

Author(s): R.Saranya1, P.Krishnakumari2

Title : Performance Evaluation of Distributed Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage System (D-SMES) for Power and Frequency Control

Author(s): Reza Sedaghati1, Navid Mehdizadeh Afroozi2, Ali Reza Toorani3, Ahmad Rohani4, Yaser Nemati5,

Ali Heydarzadegan6 and Hossein Sedaghati7


Author(s): K. Lakshmi priya1, V.Kathiresan2, P.Sumathi3

Title : “Cause Related Marketing in Advertising-A Study on the practices adopted by Select Companies”

Author(s): Richard Remedios

Title : Design and Development of 20 channels shaping amplifiers and discriminators using Eagle.

Author(s): *M. Nazrul Islam, T. Fujiwara1, S. Kenji1, H.Takahashi1 ,Kh. Asaduzzaman, Md. Shahzamal, Md. N Haque Mia, M S Alam2, Mahmudul Hasan3 and Mahbubul Hoq4

Title : A study on Retailing of Leather Products in Vellore District

Author(s): Dr. D. Maria Antony Raj, R. Veerappan, Dr. M. Raguraman,

Title : Design and Development of a 6-Digit Microcontroller Based Nuclear Counting System

Author(s): M. Nazrul Islam, A.K.M. S. Islam Bhuian, Masud Kamal, Kh. Asaduzzaman

1 and Mahbubul Hoq1

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