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Title: P53 codon 72 polymorphism and its association with cervical cancer

Author(s): Tirupati rao Bantu1*, Sattibabu Adapa2, Suryanarayana Veeravalli3

 DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.18535/ijsrm/v5i9.04

Translation research institute of molecular sciences


Cervical cancer frequently associated with multiple HPV types. Recent report suggests that a polymorphism of the p53 tumor suppressor gene that results in the substitution of a proline residue with an arginine at position 72 protein, it act as a risk factor in HPV associated malignancies. The present study, we examined the genotypic frequency of this polymorphisms in 24 patients with cervical cancer using  allele-specific polymerase chain reaction to detected P53 polymorphism at 72 codon.  The  frequency distribution of genotypes in cervical cancer patients as 29% (7tumors) for the arginine/arginine allele, 63% (15 tumors) for the heterozygous arginine/proline status, and 8% (2 tumors) for the proline/proline allele respectively. Allele frequencies of proline and arginine at 72 codon of P53 gene in proline (0.400) and arginine (0.600) in cervcal cancer patients. Statistically significant difference was observed between the Proline/proline, arginine/arginine and proline/arginine genotypes in cervical cancer tumors (x2=16.125; p=0.003). In our result p53 codon72 Arg homozygosites has been associated with increased risk developing cervical cancer. The present study reports P53 codon 72 arginine homozygosity constitutes a risk factor for the development of invasive cervical carcinoma.

In conclusion, the P53 arginine represents a potential risk for cervical cancer development

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