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Title: Female Work Participation of Muslim and Hindu Women: A Study Semi Rural Region of Aurangabad

Author(s): Biki Biswas

 DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.18535/ijsrm/v5i6.16

Research Scholar Of Enviroment Science Department

Kalyani University

M.A In Geography, M.Ed From Calcutta Univresity

Assistant Teacher Of Aurangabad High School



In a male subjugated society, women are rarely optimistic to seek their jobs outside their homes; they are poor participation in the labour force. Female worker involvement is a driver of growth and therefore the participation rates indicates the potential for a country to grow rapidly. The decision of and ability for women contribute in the labor force is the outcome of various economic and social factors that interact a complex mode at both household and macro level. We can realistically argue that a large number of women who are new entrants to the work force are not doing it out of choice. In this paper we make an attempt to understand participation of women in paid work and the related aspect of disparity in earning Muslim and Hindu women. In the rest of this section we discuss some aspects of work force participation in West Bengal based on primary data. Work participation is highest for ill-literates, to improve family status.

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