Côte d'Ivoire's banana-producing enterprises are confronted with declining plot yields as early as the third banana crop cycle. The main cause is soil erosion due to the destruction of the forest cover at the planting of the banana plantation in view of very high rainfall. In addition, the search for an alternative to harmful glyphosate on the health of producers and consumers requires innovative solutions to preserve the quality of bananas produced in order to ensure their competitiveness on the European Union market. 2020. In, this context, the expertise of Guilgal Agronomie SARL has been solicited for the development of a production system that can improve soil fertility, weed control in banana plantations without chemical inputs and fight against air pollution of water. A trial was set up on a 3-cycle plot with 7 covering plants and organic matter from plants for few months at Lumen, on a Wanita S A plantation. The first results indicate that test edbanana trees grow faster than control plots. The work carried out that it possible to control weeds bycovering plants, to produce banana without herbicide, to eliminate soil erosion and to stop drains’ water pollution reaching the fifth crop cycle of banana.