My interest is the future, because I am going to spend the rest of my life there.

- Charles F. Kettering

                    Every social and global issue is a business opportunity just waiting for the right kind of inventive entrepreneurship, the right kind of investment, the right kindof collective action.

- Peter DruckerConsumers now have worries about the future of the world and as results of this mostly prefer environment friendly products. In return to these attitudes of the consumers, companies have started to form their marketing strategies so as to appeal increasing awareness of this environment-friendliness. These marketing strategies, named as green marketing. Green Marketing also known as ecological marketing or environmental marketing has become a vital topic in today’s fastest growing world. Green marketing is an attempt to characterize a product as being environmental friendly (eco-friendly). The definition has been refined and segmented into three main brackets: i) Retailing Definition ii) Social Marketing Definition iii) Environmental Definition. Green marketing should not neglect the economic aspect of marketing. Marketers need to understand the implications of green marketing. Green marketing should not be considered as just one more approach to marketing, instead should be pursued with greater vigor as it has societal and environmental dimensions. Marketers also have the responsibility to make the stakeholders aware about the need and the advantages of green products.

This paper has highlighted various aspects on evolution of green marketing, different phases of green marketing, reasons for green marketing, golden rules of green marketing and SWOT analysis.