Normative research concerning Configuring the Replacement of Regulations on the Registration of Land Rights by addressing the issue of ideology and Raison de Etre's rule of law gave the conclusion, that the Registration of Mastering Rights by the State should respect and recognize individual rights to land.

From the analysis and discussion that discusses, conclusions can be drawn, that is the Right to Mastery over the Land held by the Government agrees if it has the power to connect the economic sector. More details can be found: Registration of land rights cannot be agreed with political policies on land use. In the implementation of PP 10 of 1961 the government seized people's land rights, then redistributed the people who needed it as agricultural land (in addition, this program of land redistribution was communicated to the government as an asset with public reasons; it found different political attitudes when implement PP 24 of 1997, namely: by regulating the fundamentals of a new government-finance and vice versa with the Pancasila Philosophy as a principle of Efficiency-Justice Actually it was implemented at the beginning of Repelita I by enacting Law No. 1 of 1967 (Foreign Investment) A comparable increase is needed with the people's prosperity which is relatively difficult to achieve (PP 10 of 1961) which seeks to increase government original income (PAD).