Effective human resource management must be practiced at both strategic and functional levels because the HR strategy should evolve from a transactional support role to partnering in the organizations business strategy. The HR managers need to apply monetary retention strategies tools such as- performance linked incentives, rewards, increment in salary. The non-monetary retention strategies tools are to be designed as per the requirements such as- job enrichment, past track career program (lower level), training/coaching, work hours’ flexibility, quarterly contest, hi-potential program, fun at work, one on one connect, regular round table discussions between employees and their respective Managers.


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  • K. SreenivasMahesh, Dr. P. V. VaraPrabhakar

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Issue: Vol 5 No 6 (2017)
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Dr. P. V. VaraPrabhakar, K. S. (2017). Employee Attrition and Retention Strategies in Amara Raja Batteries Limited: An Empirical Investigation. International Journal of Scientific Research and Management, 5(6). Retrieved from http://ijsrm.in/index.php/ijsrm/article/view/443

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