Service sector in India is growing at such a fast pace that every day is a new challenge for both the employers and the employees. This forces organisations to provide the best opportunities and best working environment to their employees so that they give their best to the organisation and help in the survival in this dynamic environment. The current research explores workers engagement in public and private service sectors in India. The objective of the research study was also to investigate the engagement practices that are emerging in Indian organisations so as to keep their workforce retained and satisfied. The sample consisted of 480 employees from telecom, banking and insurance public and private sector from the selected cities in India. The study used self framed closed ended questionnaire containing 59 statements related to engagement and measured on five point Likert scale. The tool used for analysis was Two Way ANOVA and was done on SPSS16.In all the industries the level of engagement was found to be better in public sector as compared to private sector but no significant difference in engagement was found when compared within telecom, banking and insurance sector


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Sanjeevni Gangwani, S. S. (2017). Analysing Workers Engagement in Public and Private Sector: with special reference to Telecom, Banking and Insurance Industry in India. International Journal of Scientific Research and Management, 5(6). https://doi.org/https://doi.org/10.18535/ijsrm/v5i6.18

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