Tremendous Changes in India after Paris Climate Change Conference

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Tirupati rao Bantu Sattibabu Adapa Suryanarayana Veeravalli


India is the first Nation in the Earth to have made provisions for the conservation, preservation and
protection of environment in its constitution .On 5th June 1972 environment was first discussed as an item
of U.N Conference on human environment development in Stockholm and thereafter our country took
legislative steps for environmental protection. The Paris Climate Change Conference was successfully
concluded with the Paris Agreement, which is a Turning Point for the world in Inclusively Oppose climate
change. By Engage in IPCC (Intergovernmental panel on climate change) assessments, adopting new
methods and conducting national climate change assessments, India has been increasing its understanding
of the issue. Moreover, this participation indicates India‘s dedication to including climate changes in its
ecological balance program, sustainable development and conducts a low-carbon Group and Affluence.
The constructive involvement in global governance shows that India is a responsible power to both
developed and under developing nations.


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Bantu, T. rao, Adapa, S., & Veeravalli, S. (2017). Tremendous Changes in India after Paris Climate Change Conference. International Journal of Scientific Research and Management, 5(9), 6944-6954.