Published: 2017-12-26

Effects of Exchange Rate Fluctuations on the Balance of Payment in the Nigerian Economy

Echekoba Felix Nwaolisa

Pages No. 7576-7583

Abstract 172  | PDF 1012  DOI

Empirical study of effectiveness of construction waste minimization in Bauchi state

Baba Babangida, Azeanita Binti Suratkon, Sagir Yusuf Abdullahi, Bukata Yakubu

Pages No. 7584-7589

Abstract 78  | PDF 70  DOI

The Effect Of Compensation, Empowerment, And Job Satisfaction On Employee Loyalty

Onsardi A, Moch. Asmawi, Thamrin Abdullah

Pages No. 7590-7599

Abstract 725  | PDF 2085  DOI

Seblang Ritual Performance of "Using Society"In Banyuwangi Regency

Sugiyanto A

Pages No. 7600-7606

Abstract 82  | PDF 86  DOI

Effect of post-harvest application of wax-emulsion and gibberellic acid on the physical characters of kinnow mandarin fruits during storage

Anjali varshney, Rajeshree patel

Abstract 90  | PDF 98  DOI

Fuzzy Based Implementation of Multi - Keyword Ranked Search over Encrypted Cloud Data in Secure Cloud Environment

Gladiss Merlin. N

Pages No. 7610-7617

Abstract 58  | PDF 198  DOI

Developing Instructional Instruments Based on The Local Wisdom of Osingese Society’s of Banyuwangi Through Guided Discovery to Enhance The Students Mathematical Communication Ability

Endang Poetri Astutik, Hobri, Nanik Yuliati, Suharto

Pages No. 7619-7624

Abstract 142  | PDF 71  DOI

A Secret Sharing Data and Repairing Of Grayscale Document Images with Generation of Authentication Signals

Reddy patil Ashwini.G, Prof.V.R.Chirchi

Abstract 46  | PDF 31  DOI

Expected Prescription Error (EPE) Scores of Cancer Drugs in Egypt: A New Method of Data Extraction from a Questionnaire Based Study

Mahmoud Abbass Ellithy, Doaa Atef Soliman, Omar Abdel-Rahman,L. Elwakil, N.S. El-Baghdady, Wesam Moustafa El Bakly. , Wesam R. ELghamry

Abstract 81  | PDF 53  DOI

Analysis the economic growth factors of strategic zone in Aceh Province, Indonesia

Rahmattullah*, Mohd. Nur Syechalad, Abd. Jamal, Muhammad Nasir

Abstract 117  | PDF 132  DOI

Comparison Of External Beam Radiotherapy Followed By Intra-Luminal Brachytherapy With External Beam Radiotherapy Alone In Locally Advanced Carcinoma Of Esophagus.

Nayak B.G MD, Khan N.A , Sofi Mushtaq Ahmad, Malik M.H,Najmi A.M, Dar N.A, Qamer S,Malik T.R,Fir Afroz, Lone M.M

Pages No. 7644-7651

Abstract 69  | PDF 79  DOI

Promoting a Bi-partisan Approach in Responding to the Contemporary Socio-economic Challenges in Kenya.

Timothy Osiru Okatta, Edwine Jeremiah Otieno, Wilkins Muhingi Ndege, Teresia Mutavi, Michael Tedd Okuku, Dr. Vitalis Okoth Odero, David Kimaili Mwendwa

Pages No. 7652-7660

Abstract 114  | PDF 34  DOI

Root Cause Analysis Ofof Some Reported Radiological Events

Wafaa F. Bakr

Pages No. 7661-7672

Abstract 57  | PDF 73  DOI

Student Thinking Process In Solving Open-Ended Problem Of The PISA Model Of Space And Shape Contents Based On Adversity Quotient (AQ)

Linda Kusumawardani, Susanto, Nanik Yuliati

Pages No. 7673-7680

Abstract 109  | PDF 124  DOI

Measuring Organizational Performance: A Case Study of Food Industry SMEs in Surabaya-Indonesia

Oliandes Sondakh, Budiman Christiananta, Lena Ellitan

Pages No. 7681-7689

Abstract 72  | PDF 49  DOI

Impact of Scheduled Wastes on Growth: An Input-Output Approach

Mohd Khairul Hisyam Hassan, Nur Zaimah Ubaidillah, Justina Lahong Laeng

Pages No. 7690-7697

Abstract 58  | PDF 52  DOI

Role of C - Reactive protein In Carcinoma Esophagus In Terms Of Survival And Disease Free Progression

Khan NA, Ghai JS, Nayak BG, Fomda BA Sofi MA, Dar NA

Pages No. 7698-7702

Abstract 43  | PDF 61  DOI

Youth Unemployment, Violent Extremism and Job Creation For Peace and Prosperity- Silatech as a Case Study

Abbas Abdelkarim

Pages No. 7703-7717

Abstract 83  | PDF 0  DOI

Impact of Poor Implementation of Welfare Policies on Training and Development on the Performance of Academic Staff in Selected Federal Universities in South-South Nigeria

Bernadette C.N Ukaegbu, OtuEkpeyong

Pages No. 7718-7729

Abstract 52  | PDF 93  DOI

Attitudes of Taxpayers, Auditors (including Chartered Accountants and Tax Practioners) towards accepting emerging trends in Tax reforms; with special reference to GST (Goods and Service Tax) based Taxation.

S. Naveen Kumar

Pages No. 7730-7740

Abstract 85  | PDF 526  DOI

Income Effect and Environmental Sustainability in Nigeria

Bassey Enya Ndem, Baghebor Michael, Egesi, Onyemaechi Kevin

Abstract 68  | PDF 50 

Performance evaluation for a unicast Non Delay Tolerant position based routing protocols in VANETs

Ahmed Mohamed Abdalla

Pages No. 7751-7757

Abstract 74  | PDF 94  DOI

Camassa-Holm equation on shallow water wave equation

Sh. Hajrulla, L. Bezati, F. Hoxha

Pages No. 7758-7764

Abstract 111  | PDF 75  DOI

Capacity Building Needs of Farmers in Duck Rearing and Marketing for Sustainable Food Security in Benue State, Nigeria

Dr T. O. O. Agbo, Nongugwa D.T

Pages No. 7765-7771

Abstract 60  | PDF 103  DOI

Identification of non-equilibrium growth for Bitcoin Exchange rate: Mathematical derivation method in Islamic Financial Engineering

Nashirah Abu Bakar, Sofian Rosbi

Pages No. 7772-7781

Abstract 148  | PDF 126  DOI

Determinant Quality Of Regional And Financial Statements (Study On Local Government Regency Of Lombok Timur)

Baiq Hapazah

Pages No. 7782-7788

Abstract 63  | PDF 111  DOI

Structural Strengthening Behavior of Beams using Steel Plates

Barış Sevim

Pages No. 7789-7796

Abstract 79  | PDF 149  DOI

Evaluation of Mechanical properties for polypropylene Modified Asphalt concrete Mixtures

Safaa Moubark, Farag Khodary, Ayman Othman

Pages No. 7797-7801

Abstract 61  | PDF 134  DOI