Published: 2018-04-01

Education and School Administration in the Nigerian History: The Colonial and Post-Colonial Characteristics

Abdulrahman Yusuf Maigida

Pages No. EL-2018-179-190

Abstract 3973  | PDF 268  DOI

The Effect of Personality, Organizational Climate and Job Satisfaction on Teachers Organizational Citizenship Behavior at Public Vocational High School in DKI Jakarta Province

Asari ., Thamrin Abdullah, Wibowo .

Pages No. EL-2018-191-197

Abstract 938  | PDF 267  DOI

Evaluation of Free - Payment School Implementation at Senior High School / Islamic Senior High School and Vocational School in the Regency of Ogan Komering Ilir

Taslim ., Bedjo Sujanto, Hamidah .

Pages No. EL-2018-198-206

Abstract 176  | PDF 137  DOI

Evaluation of Structuring and Equalization Policy Implementation of Civil Servant Teachers Public Senior High Schools (SMA)andVocational Schools (SMK)) in Banda Aceh the Province of Aceh

Ismail *, Ma’ruf Akabar, Suparno Eko Widodo

Pages No. EL-2018-207-219

Abstract 158  | PDF 233  DOI

Examination of Orphaned Learners’ Perspectives on the Influence of Appreciative Project Design Orientation on Their Educational Achievements: The Case of Orphan Support Projects in Homa Bay County, Kenya

Abuya Isaac Odhiambo, Prof. Charles M. Rambo

Pages No. EL-2018-220-239

Abstract 132  | PDF 96  DOI

Statistics Self-Efficacy And Learning Styles As Predictor Of Statistics Anxiety

Ogbogo, Stella, Dr.Amadi, Glory N.

Pages No. EL-2018-240-248

Abstract 301  | PDF 268  DOI

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Civic Education on Acquisition of Social Cohesion Competency among Secondary School Students in Uasin Gishu County, Kenya

Esther Omundi, Evans Ogoti Okendo

Pages No. EL-2018-249-265

Abstract 1072  | PDF 181  DOI

The Effectiveness of Transactional Analysis Counseling to Increase Self Esteem

Ariantje J.A Sundah

Pages No. EL-2018-266-273

Abstract 1176  | PDF 206  DOI

Relationship between Teacher Commitment to Students Learning Needs and Level of Students’ Discipline in Public Secondary Schools in Naivasha Sub-County, Kenya.

Goodeve S.K Mwaniki, Prof. J. Kanjogu Kiumi, Dr. M. Ngunjiri3

Pages No. EL-2018-274-281

Abstract 646  | PDF 163  DOI

Relationship Between Parents’ Attitude Towards their Children’s Education and Level of Students’ Discipline in Public Secondary Schools in Naivasha Sub-County, Kenya.

Goodeve S.K Mwaniki, Prof. J. Kanjogu Kiumi, Dr. M. Ngunjiri

Pages No. EL-2018-282-291

Abstract 128  | PDF 171  DOI

Language-in-education policy issues and Karl Marx’s views on education

Eureka Mokibelo

Pages No. EL-2018-292-298

Abstract 165  | PDF 89  DOI

Assessing the reasoning skills of biology students in selected senior high schools in the central region of Ghana

Charles Agyei Amoah, Emmanuel Eshun

Pages No. EL-2018-299-304

Abstract 215  | PDF 104  DOI

Evaluation of Course Training Program on Research And Development Management of First Level Defense at Research and Development Agency of Defense Ministry Republic of Indonesia

I Nyoman Astawa, Muchlis R. Luddin, Ma’ruf Akbar

Pages No. EM-2018-236-242

Abstract 162  | PDF 80  DOI

Factors Affecting Customer Retention in Commercial Banks In Tanzania; A Case Of Azania Bank Arusha

Elizabeth Auniel, Dr. Samuel Obino Mokaya

Pages No. EM-2018-243-249

Abstract 349  | PDF 1021  DOI

The impact of Consumer Awareness on buying behavior of green products

Manveer Kaur, Dr. Ambika Bhatia

Pages No. EM-2018-250-255

Abstract 3031  | PDF 1443  DOI

Improving the Performance of Internal Auditor in Implementing the Supervision Policy in Pemprov DKI Jakarta

Evilina Sjaiful, Maruf Akbar, Soetjipto .

Pages No. EM-2018-256-265

Abstract 121  | PDF 73  DOI

Performances of LAD Regression, M-Regression and Quantile Regression Methods in order to Investigate Stock Prices of the Banks in the BIST Bank Index

Umran Munire Kahraman, Neslihan Iyit

Pages No. EM-2018-266-273

Abstract 151  | PDF 89  DOI

A Study On Perception Of Business Students On The Future Job Market: A Case Study Of Umma University

Salah Abdirahman Farah, Hussein Abdi Ali

Pages No. EM-2018-274-281

Abstract 1225  | PDF 171  DOI

Customer Loyalty, A Reality Or An Allegory: Exposing Dick And Basu (1994) Loyalty Segmentation Model In Bindura Fast-Food Industry

Faustino Kufakunesu, Tonderai Kapesa, Tapiwa Takundwa

Pages No. EM-2018-282-293

Abstract 213  | PDF 229  DOI

The Effect of Perception of Use, Ease, Security and Confidentiality to Use E-Filing (Study In The Tax Office Pratama Raba Bima)

R .Ayu Ida Aryani, Rr. Titiek Herwanti, Prayitno Basuki

Pages No. EM-2018-294-304

Abstract 362  | PDF 142  DOI

Effect of Strategic Analysis and Strategy Implementation on Service Quality of a Popular Telecommunication Company in Nigeria

Aguoru C.N., Orsaah S., Umogbai M.

Pages No. EM-2018-305-311

Abstract 337  | PDF 114  DOI

Quality Enhancement: Vocational Skill Development And Entrepreneurship

Rishika Singh, Dr. Mahalaxmi Singh

Pages No. EM-2018-312-318

Abstract 346  | PDF 112  DOI

Analysis of Information Systems Capabilities and Performance of Firms in Telecommunications Industry, Kenya

Bett, Alfred Kipyegon, Dr. Johnmark Obura, Dr. Moses Oginda

Pages No. EM-2018-319-327

Abstract 147  | PDF 188  DOI

The Influence of Learning Organization, Training and Knowledge to Official’s Work Effectiveness in Regency Government of Ogan Komering Ilir

Muhammad Iqbal, Makruf Akbar, Hamidah A

Pages No. EM-2018-328-332

Abstract 186  | PDF 80  DOI

The Impact of Crisis Management Strategy on the Performance of the Employees of Arab Potash Company "an Applied Study"

Dr Amal Yassin AL Majli, Dr. Hamza Farhan Tamimi

Pages No. EM-2018-333-352

Abstract 1008  | PDF 171  DOI

The Influence of Financial Literacy, Social Environment Factors and Cultural Factors to Consumption Behaviour, (Survey on Faculty 0f Economics Students, Manado State University-Indonesia)

Sjeddie Rianne Watung

Pages No. EM-2018-353-361

Abstract 722  | PDF 237  DOI

Assessment of the Water Quality Standard of Brahmani River in terms of Physico-Chemical Parameters

Swati Kanungo, Nirmal Kumar Bhuyan, Hemanta Kumar Patra

Pages No. FE-2018-50-57

Abstract 129  | PDF 166  DOI

Real-Time Environmental Gamma Dose Rates Measurement and Evaluation of Annual Effective Dose to population of Shahbag Thana, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Shamsad Tazmin, Dr. Mohammad Sohelur Rahman, Selina Yeasmin, Dr. M. Habibul Ahsan, Md. Mahfuzzaman

Pages No. FE-2018-58-69

Abstract 280  | PDF 116  DOI

Antimicrobial activities of Pseudomonas spp. strains isolated from raw milk collected in Turkey

Hatice Bekci, Gökçen Yuvalı Çelik, Dilsad Onbasili

Pages No. MP-2018-80-88

Abstract 100  | PDF 127  DOI

Analyzing the role of non-seasonal discounts in consumer expenses for a small market environment

Elmira Kushta, Miftar Ramosaço, Dode Prenga

Pages No. M-2018-25-30

Abstract 99  | PDF 76  DOI

The factors influencing farmers’ choice of improved maize seed varieties in Tanzania

Ange Pacifique Mutanyagwa, Alida Isinika, Aloyce R. Kaliba

Pages No. AH-2018-55-63

Abstract 556  | PDF 202  DOI

Determinant Factors of Adoption of Introduced Soil Conservation Structures in North Gondar Zone, Ethiopia

Mr. Tadewes Kassahun, Dr. Pujari Krishnaiah

Pages No. AH-2018-64-72

Abstract 155  | PDF 88  DOI

Factors affecting members’ participation in primary Dairy cooperatives in North Gondar zone of Amhara Region, Ethiopia

Dr.Kavitha Nachimuthu, Beyene Derso

Pages No. AH-2018-73-80

Abstract 236  | PDF 109  DOI

Assessment of Indigenous Knowledge and Its Relevance for Livestock Production: the case of North Gondar zone: Amhara Region, Ethiopia

Tigist Petros, Demissie Chanie, Birhanu Melesse, Aregalign Sewagen

Pages No. AH-2018-81-88

Abstract 232  | PDF 320  DOI

Characterization and pathogenicity of soil borne pathogens inducing root rot symptoms in common bean in Rwanda

Mukamuhirwa Floride, Butare Lewis, Ruhakana Albert, Uzayisenga Bellancile, Mukantwali Christine, Musoni Augustin, Mukankusi C.

Pages No. AH-2018-89-100

Abstract 177  | PDF 184  DOI

Effect of Sweet Potato Vine Planting Orientation on the Growth and Yield of Sweet Potato/Maize Intercropping System in Makurdi, Southern Guinea Savanna, Nigeria

Idoko, J.A, Akaazua, B.W, Aduwele, A.T

Pages No. AH-2018-101-113

Abstract 492  | PDF 141  DOI

Rural Tourism Contributions to Rural Development in the Eastern Black Sea Region of Turkey

Ismet Boz, Osman Kilic, Cevahir Kaynakci

Pages No. AH-2018-114-120

Abstract 215  | PDF 128  DOI

Evaluation of Placement and Protection Programs of Indonesian Migrant Worker

Abdul Wahab, Billy Tunas, Muchlis R. Ludin

Pages No. SH-2018-60-73

Abstract 262  | PDF 142  DOI

Modeling and Model Comparison for Industrial Production Index of Turkey, Brazil and G7 Countries

Nihan Öksüz Narinç

Pages No. SH-2018-74-80

Abstract 157  | PDF 71  DOI

A Legal Framework for Outer Space Activities in Malaysia

Tunku Intan Mainura

Pages No. SH-2018-81-90

Abstract 282  | PDF 229  DOI

Effectiveness of Heads of Schools in Supervising Teachers’ Teaching Activities in Secondary Schools in Kagera Region, Tanzania

Adolphina Mwesiga, Evans Ogoti Okendo

Pages No. SH-2018-91-117

Abstract 351  | PDF 543  DOI

Assesment Of The Effectiveness To Which Lecturers Apply Learner-Centered Techniques In Teaching And Learning Process In Universities In Tanzania: A Case Study Of Mwenge Catholic University

Joseph Angelista, Minja Gileard

Pages No. SH-2108-118-123

Abstract 273  | PDF 131  DOI

The Influence of Strategic Leadership and Organizational Learning on Organizational Performance with Organizational Citizenship Behavior as an Intervening Variable

Fernando Dias Gusmão, Budiman Christiananta, Lena Ellitan

Pages No. SH-2018-124-131

Abstract 1201  | PDF 265  DOI

Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Cloud Computing Compilation with Common and New Formats

Haider Abdul Hassan Hadi Al Kim, Shouman Barua

Pages No. EC-2018-01-09

Abstract 884  | PDF 120  DOI

The prediction of moisture adsorption isotherm for sucrose powder in Côte d’Ivoire

Yué Bi Yao Clément, Akmel Djédjro Clément, Tano Kablan

Pages No. FT-2018-01-09

Abstract 190  | PDF 327  DOI