Published: 2019-05-03

Correlation of Students’ Reading Comprehension and Geometry Thinking Levels

Yuan Ursulasari, Susanto, Sunardi, Nahrowi

Pages No. EL-2019-992-998

Abstract 298  | PDF 135  DOI

Development Of Laboratory Work Instruction For Junior High School: Borax Content Identification Using Natural Indicators

Nanang Rahman, Agus Abhi Purwoko, Muntari

Pages No. EL-2019-999-1005

Abstract 148  | PDF 131  DOI

The effect of integration electronic mind maps into Arabic language vocabulary’s lecture on achievements of fifth-grade students in Jordan

Akram M. Alomari, Mohamad E. Alhorani

Pages No. EL-2019-1006-1012

Abstract 173  | PDF 76  DOI

The Geographical Distribution of the Physical Properties of Surface Water in Al-Qadisiya Governorate

Hajar Tahseen Ali, Prof. Dr. Salam Hatif Ahmed

Pages No. EL-2019-1013-1025

Abstract 135  | PDF 103  DOI

Improving of Offinso College of Education (OFCE) Demonstration Basic Four (4) Pupils’ Ability to Understand the Concept Rusting Through Activity Method

Victus Nangkuu * Dip. Sampson Adjei Kankam , Med. Kwame B. Bour, Francis Boateng

Pages No. EL-2019-1026-1050

Abstract 75  | PDF 63  DOI

The Effects of Physical Resources on the Implementation of Inclusive Education in Public Secondary Schools – Kenya

Sr. Bibiana Ireri, Dr. Madrine, Prof. Simon Thurania

Pages No. EL-2019-1051-1063

Abstract 214  | PDF 82  DOI

How are healthcare demand determinants changing during the decentralization process in Cameroon?

Joseph Stéphane NGUIDJOL MA'A, PhD, Jean-Colbert AWOMO NDONGO, PhD, Hibrahim LIMI KOUOTOU, PhD

Pages No. EM-2019-1118-1125

Abstract 113  | PDF 60  DOI

An Exploratory Study on the Impact of Service Quality on Membership Retention in Medical Schemes in South Africa

Dr. Louis Mosake Njomo, Prof. Cecils Anorlds

Pages No. EM-2019-1126-1138

Abstract 60  | PDF 26  DOI

The Role of Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Commitment in Increasing OCB and Employee Performance

Via Lailatur Rizki, Purnamie Titisari, Dewi Prihatini

Pages No. EM-2019-1139-1147

Abstract 208  | PDF 74  DOI

Institutional Isomorphism And Adoption Of International Public Sector Accounting Standards By African Countries

Dr. Muganda Munir Manini

Pages No. EM-2019-1148-1170

Abstract 111  | PDF 80  DOI

Effect of Specimen Transport Network System in the Turnaround Time on Patients Tuberculosis Genexpert Test Results in the West Region of Cameroon

Ngala Solange Mudih, Bih Adelaide; Gamo Djouomo Francis

Pages No. MP-2019-169-173

Abstract 139  | PDF 48  DOI

Awareness on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) Principles in TVET and University Hospitality Schools in Kenya

Dr. Monica A. Wandolo

Pages No. MP-2019-174-188

Abstract 70  | PDF 52  DOI

Comparative study between SD BIOLINE Malaria Ag pf rapid diagnostic test and calibrated thick smear in the east region of Cameroon

Agokeng D. Sylvie, Mogou R. Amandine, Ottop F. Manyi, Assob N. Clement

Pages No. MP-2019-189-193

Abstract 45  | PDF 33  DOI

Development of the Recognisable Logo Design Guideline for Startup Brands

MARIAH JOHARI, Raja Ahmad Azmeer, Mohd Shahrizal Dolah

Pages No. SH-2019-469-474

Abstract 111  | PDF 63  DOI

The Effect of Autocratic, Participative, and Delegation Leadership on Work Motivation of Indonesian Navy Personnel

Heribertus Yudho Warsono, Budiyanto, Akhmad Riduwan

Pages No. SH-2019-475-482

Abstract 128  | PDF 79  DOI

Establish The Influence of Government Policies Strategies on Tourism Performance In West Pokot County

Tulel Cherop Patricia, Beatrice Ombaka, Kariuki Ann

Pages No. SH-2019-483-489

Abstract 128  | PDF 71  DOI

Violent death in the lives of police officers in Ghana; An evidence-based study

Alhassan Salifu Bawah, Awaisu Imurana Braimah, Dr (PhD)

Pages No. SH-2019-490-500

Abstract 399  | PDF 62  DOI

Electric Parameter Extractions Using a Broadband Technique from Coaxial Line Discontinuities

Franck MOUKANDA MBANGO, Fabien Ndagijimana

Pages No. EC-2019-248-253

Abstract 157  | PDF 74  DOI

Execution of Motor Vehicle Fiduciary Assurance by Debt Collector

Azhar, Hirsanuddin, Djumardin

Pages No. LLA-2019-13-23

Abstract 253  | PDF 74  DOI

Calling a Notary by Police Investigator Regarding the Relaas Deed Made by a Notary (Case Study at Unit I Pidum Sat Reskrim West Lombok Regional Police)

Lalu Henry Sarwoto, Lalu Parman, Aris Munandar

Pages No. LLA-2019-24-31

Abstract 87  | PDF 42  DOI

Cyber Notary System in the Order of Norms in Indonesia and Australia (Comparative Study in Notary Service Improvement Strategies)

Tanty Maharani, Lalu Parman, Lalu Muhammad Hayanul Haq

Pages No. LLA-2019-32-40

Abstract 109  | PDF 67  DOI

Authority of the Village Head in Efforts to Settle Land Disputes Based on Law Number 6 Year 2014

Tika Puspa Lestari, Ilwan, RR. Cahyowati

Pages No. LLA-2019-41-48

Abstract 136  | PDF 57  DOI

Position of Acting Land Acting Officer in Collecting Customs for Land and Building Rights (Study in Mataram City)

Rezha Yanuardi, Minollah, Muhamad Ilwan

Pages No. LLA-2019-49-56

Abstract 136  | PDF 37  DOI

Configuring Land Rights Registration in the Agrarian Legal System (Comparative Study of Government Regulation Number 10 of 1961 with Government Regulation Number 24 of 1997)

Sri Sunarni, Zainal Asikin, Widodo Dwi Putro

Pages No. LLA-2019-57-67

Abstract 74  | PDF 50  DOI

Notary Authority Based on Article 15 Paragraph (2) Letter F of Notary Position Act

I Wayan Tri Wira Wiharja, Amiruddin, Sahnan

Pages No. LLA-2019-68-75

Abstract 79  | PDF 43  DOI

Effectiveness of Settlement of Bad Credit Through Memo Decision on Credit Settlement and Auction at PT Bank BTPN Tbk, Cakranegara Branch

Septiana Hilmi, Salim HS , Muhaimin

Pages No. LLA-2019-76-85

Abstract 81  | PDF 49  DOI

Notary Responsibility for Employee Health Insurance (Study in Mataram City)

Dyah Eka Suryawati, Muhaimin, Muh. Risnain

Pages No. LLA-2019-86-91

Abstract 78  | PDF 40  DOI