Published: 2019-08-03

Forecasting Foreign Exchange Rate And Consumer Price Index With Arima Model: The Case Of Turkey

Abraham Deka, Nil Gunsel Resatoglu

Pages No. EM-2019-1254-1275

Abstract 521  | PDF 100  DOI

Response of Dividend Announcement on the Price of Mutual Fund: A Comprehensive Study on Mutual Fund Listed in Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE)

Uttam Golder, Shahanaz Akter, Md. Imran Sheikh

Pages No. EM-2019-1276-1286

Abstract 69  | PDF 49  DOI

Risk Assessment of Internal Control System and Its Effect on the Operations of Quoted Banks in the Nigerian Stock Exchange

Ozuomba Chidinma N., Ogujiofor Magnus Nkemjika, Enyeribe Onyekachi S.

Pages No. EM-2019-1287-1292

Abstract 69  | PDF 42  DOI

The effect of internal control environment on operational risk of quoted banks in Nigeria

Ozuomba Chidinma N., Nwadialor, Eugene O., Anichebe, Alphonsus S.

Pages No. EM-2019-1293-1299

Abstract 58  | PDF 33  DOI

Application of Set Pair Analysis Model Based on Interval Number in Water Quality Evaluation

SI Jundong, LU Mian, WU Zhijun, LI Fanxiu

Pages No. FE-2019-136-144

Abstract 69  | PDF 34  DOI

Approaches to Thoracic and Lumbar Spine: Our 10 Years Review

Parthasarahi Datta

Pages No. MP-2019-214-221

Abstract 48  | PDF 41  DOI

Reproductive performance of female Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus L. in South Kivu (DR Congo): comparison of two strains differing in origin and history of domestication

Nihoreye, F.J., Nyongombe, U.N., Alunga, L.G., Akonkwa, B.D., Isumbisho, M.P., Okitayela, O.F.

Pages No. MP-2019-224-236

Abstract 49  | PDF 35  DOI

Dysphagia in Patients with Neck Dissections

Zornitsa Mihaylova

Pages No. MP-2019-224-236

Abstract 96  | PDF 48  DOI

Approximation Models For Water Wave Equations

Leonard Bezati, Shkelqim Hajrulla, Kristofor Lapa

Pages No. M-2018-166-172

Abstract 102  | PDF 55  DOI

Recommendations On The Fight Against Nosocomial Infections Compliance In Health Facilities Of Yaounde (Cameroon)

Georgette Ndongo Ekanga, Hortense Gonsu Kamga, Albert Same Ekobo, William Baiye , Godswill Ntsomboh-Ntsefong, Arthur Essomba , Elias Nukenine

Pages No. AH-2019-244-255

Abstract 70  | PDF 44  DOI

The social demographic, social economic characteristics and health status of lactating mothers in Mwanamukia. A Case of Nairobi Metropolis

Dr. Evayline Muthoni Nkirigacha

Pages No. SH-2019-525-536

Abstract 75  | PDF 50  DOI

Breastfeeding Knowledge, Altitude and Practices of Lactating Mothers in Mwanakia-A Case of Nairobi Metropolis

Dr. Evayline Muthoni Nkirigacha

Pages No. FT-2019-53-65

Abstract 139  | PDF 56  DOI

Settlement of Land Disputes with The Title of Property Right Post Judges Decision (The Study of Land Disputes Bambu Runcing)

Tuti Handayani, Zainal Asikin, Widodo Dwi Putro

Pages No. LLA-2019-180-190

Abstract 224  | PDF 77  DOI

Evaluation of Adoption of Interlocking Soil Technology in Development of Adequate and Sustainable Housing Projects in Nandi County, Kenya.

Chang’ach Euginia, Prof. Peter Omboto, Prof. Leonard Mulongo

Pages No. EPS-2019-01-07

Abstract 102  | PDF 61  DOI