Published: 2019-10-07

Impact of Performance Appraisal on Organizational Citizenship Behaviour and Intention to Stay through Affective Commitment: A Literature Review

Ravikumar R. K., Dr. R. P. Raya

Pages No. EM-2019-1344-1358

Abstract 185  | PDF 138  DOI

Customer Experience and Behavioral Intentions: The Mediation Role of Customer Perceived Value

Fortune Edem Amenuvor, Kwasi Owusu-Antwi, Richard Basilisco, Bae Seong-Chan

Pages No. EM-2019-1359-1374

Abstract 316  | PDF 148  DOI

The Role of Workload and Work Discipline in Improving Job Satisfaction and Performance of Outsourcing Employees

Sudarsih, Supriyadi

Pages No. EM-2019-1375-1383

Abstract 210  | PDF 109  DOI

A Conceptual Framework: Organizational Learning, Competencies, and Innovation in Indonesian Digital Startup

Sihar Tigor Benjamin Tambunan, Budiman Christiananta, Dyna Rachmawati

Pages No. EM-2019-1384-1394

Abstract 263  | PDF 68  DOI

Green Purchase Behavior: the Predictive Roles of Consumer Self-Determination, Perceived Customer Effectiveness and Perceived Price

Fortune Edem Amenuvor, Kwasi Owusu-Antwi, Seong-Chan Bae, Sean Kwan Soo Shin, Richard Basilisco

Pages No. EM-2019-1395-1311

Abstract 191  | PDF 91  DOI

Probing Islamic Values of Business Principles and Ethics

Iffatin Nur, Binti Asiyah, Reni Puspitarini, Syamsul Umam

Pages No. EM-2019-1412-1423

Abstract 196  | PDF 148  DOI

From stress due to E-HRM practices towards the stress due to digital communication: conceptual framework of the problematic

Mrs. SALMOUN Khaoula, Pr. CHAFIK Khalid

Pages No. EM-2019-1424-1428

Abstract 195  | PDF 44  DOI

Arterial Embolization in Large Uterine Fibroids : A 4-Year Single Center Experience

Volkan Çakır, Ömür Ballı

Pages No. MP-2019-268-274

Abstract 63  | PDF 43  DOI

Common Site of Urinary Calculi in Kidney, Ureter and Urinary Bladder Region: Jos Experience

Samuel Moses Danjem, Salaam AJ, Kolade- Yunusa HO, Shuaibu SI

Pages No. MP-2019-275-283

Abstract 52  | PDF 29  DOI

Method of Centre Manifold from Bifurcation Theory

Dr. Basher Suleiman Othman

Pages No. M-2018-173-179

Abstract 57  | PDF 32  DOI

Migration and Mitigation of effect from migration

MGNAS Fernando

Pages No. SH-2019-544-556

Abstract 70  | PDF 39  DOI

Some Connections of Africa and the U.S.A in American World Literature

Louis Mendy

Pages No. SH-2019-557-562

Abstract 59  | PDF 34  DOI

The Auhtority of the Audit Board of The Republic Of Indonesia in Carrying Out Audits of Village Financial Management

Seviola Islaini, Lalu Husni, M. Ilwan

Pages No. LLA-2019-191-199

Abstract 70  | PDF 56  DOI