Published: 2019-11-01

Soil Acidity and its Management Options in Ethiopia: A Review

Aboytu Sisay Golla

Pages No. EM-2019-1429-1440

Abstract 250  | PDF 216  DOI

Effectiveness of teacher selected strategies on students’ academic performance in mathematics, A case of form three students.

Dr. Nandwa Marble Odhiambo

Pages No. M-2018-180-186

Abstract 89  | PDF 98  DOI

Preventing ways to minimize probabilities of corruption in LNGOs in Iraq

Amanj Lateef Kakahama

Pages No. PS-2018-58-68|

Abstract 102  | PDF 113  DOI

Necessity or Vanity: Designer Babies, CRISPR, and the Future of Genetic Modifications

Fawzaan Hashmi

Pages No. B-2018-35-41

Abstract 184  | PDF 107  DOI

Relationship between Ottoman and Albanian Culture as an Intercultural Example of Interaction

Osman Özkul, Nazim Zullufi

Pages No. SH-2019-563-573

Abstract 241  | PDF 130  DOI

A review of Islamic perspectives on leadership.

Abdulkarim Abdallah, Fadil Çitaku, Marianne Waldrop, Don Zillioux, Lumturie Preteni Çitaku, Yawar Hayat Khan

Pages No. SH-2019-574-578

Abstract 154  | PDF 221  DOI

The Role and Reason Why Armenians Were Selected as Iranian Businessmen During the Shah Abbas's Era

Zainullah Karimi

Pages No. SH-2019-579-584

Abstract 151  | PDF 94  DOI

Motive Element in Planed Murder Criminal Act According to Article 340 KUHP

Lalu Irawadi, Rodliyah, Muhammad Natsir

Pages No. LLA-2019-200-207

Abstract 107  | PDF 111  DOI