Published: 2019-12-03

Framework of 5S Quality Management for University Ecosystem to Achieve Green Campus

Nashirah Abu Bakar, Sofian Rosbi, Azizi Abu Bakar, Noraziah Che Arshad, Noriza Abd Aziz, Kiyotaka Uzaki

Pages No. EM-2019-1429-1440

Abstract 43  | PDF 34  DOI

Women Participation In Organizational Activities In A Democratic Society As Perceived By Stakeholders' In North-West Nigeria


Pages No. EM-2019-1441-1448

Abstract 19  | PDF 23  DOI

Effects of the Radius of Curvature on Natural Frequency and Mode Shape

Can Gonenli, Hasan Ozturk, Oguzhan Das

Pages No. EC-2019-283-294

Abstract 88  | PDF 64  DOI

Free Vibration and Buckling Analysis of Parabolic Frame Structures

Oguzhan Das, Hasan Öztürk, Can Gönenli

Pages No. EC-2019-295-306

Abstract 69  | PDF 53  DOI