Published: 2020-03-04

Inclusive Education and the Causes of School Dropout: The Case of the Kadey Division of Batouri; East Region of Cameroon

Maurice Ndjouma Wedjou, Alain Villard Ndi Isoh

Pages No. 1238-1246

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The relationship between Parental Level of Education and Learners Performance in Public Pre -Primary schools in Nandi County, Kenya.

Mary Jebii Chemagosi

Pages No. 1247-1257

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Teacher Preparedness in Implementing Inclusive Education for Pupils with Hearing Impairments in Mombasa County, Kenya

Mr. Hassan Luvanga, Dr. Sarah W. Mwangi, Dr. Robert J. Maneno

Pages No. 1258-1262

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Teacher Understanding in Implementing Curriculum Change in Indonesia

Fadhilah Razali

Pages No. 1263-1267

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Analysis of the Determinants of Innovation in Developing Countries: A Vector Auto-regression Approach

Benjamin Azembila Asunka, Zhiqiang Ma, Mingxing Li, Oswin Anaba Aganda

Pages No. 1631-1644

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The Levels of Financial Literacy in Kampala, Uganda: A comparative analysis using objective and subjective measures

Colin Agabalinda, Alain Vilard Ndi Isoh

Pages No. 1645-1660

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Illegal Mining and Sustainability Performance: Evidence from Ashanti Region, Ghana

Thomas Nti, YinFei Chen, Bright Parker Quayson, Fred Yeboah Agyei

Pages No. 1661-1676

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The Urgency of Gresik Wooven Sarong as Local Wisdom Research

Wulandari Harjanti, Ujianto ., Akhmad Riduwan

Pages No. 1677-1686

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Impact of Socio-Economic and Demographic Characteristics of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients on Hospital Application

Hakan Celikhisar, Gulay Dasdemir Ilkhan

Pages No. 305-311

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The Run Off and Erosion on Eucalyptus Plantation Pt. Toba Pulp Lestari Aek Nauli Sector Simalungun District

Tioner Purba, Sutrisno .

Pages No. 285-288

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The Tolerance of Several Hybrid Corn (Zea mays L.) Varieties Type on Cob Rot in the Plateau of Simalungun Regency

Warlinson Girsang, Rosmaria Girsang

Pages No. 289-295

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Faecal Contamination in Ground Water Resources of Urban Areas of Ujjain

Vikas Parmar, Madhubala Purohit

Pages No. 42-46

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The British Southern Cameroons Health Services as an Appendage to Nigerian Health Sector, 1922-1961

Canute A. Ngwa, Christian Asongwe

Pages No. 638-644

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The Effect of Integrity, And Discipline on Quality of Work Life (Qwl) Government Internal Supervision Officers Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Law and Human Rights

Joko Martanto, Syarifuddin Tippe, Budi Santoso

Pages No. 645-650

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A Fast Strategy for Model Predictive Control

Baris Dundar, Ozge Cihanbegendi

Pages No. 332-351

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Numerical analysis on the performance of Dual Rotor wind turbine

Hazem Ali Abdel Karim, Ahmed Reda Elbaz, Nabil Abdel Aziz Mahmoud, Ashraf Mostafa Hamed

Pages No. 352-368

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Adsorption of Petroleum Fractions on Organo-Modified Calcium Bentonite

Oraegbunam Charles, Ngobiri Nnaemeka

Pages No. 20-25

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A Review of Dried Fruits and Vegetables Consumed In Northern Nigeria

S. A. Okaiyeto, Ogijo S. I., Y. A. Unguwanrimi, B. J. Jonga, A. M. Sada

Pages No. 66-72

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Designing Smart Student Savings Tools Based on Arduino and Web

Sigit Pardjono, Asep Juarna

Pages No. 73-89

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Development of the Distance Earth-Moon

Andreas Gimsa

Pages No. 10-13

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