Why choose IJSRM?

High Quality Editorial Board, Globally Index Journal, Open Access & high citation rate, will apply for ISI track & other data base in near future for indexing ...

Do you want to be a reviewer?

Reviewing requires the investment of time and a certain skillset. Before you decide if you want to become a reviewer, we recommend that you read more about the peer review process and conducting a review.

However, if you think you would be a good reviewer for a particular journal you can always contact one of the journal's editors.

  1. Identify which journal you would like to review
  2. Visit the journal homepage and ‘view full editorial board’
  3. Contact the relevant editor(s) through the site and offer your reviewing services

Recognizing reviewers

Reviewers are important to us; IJSRM Publishers engage reviewers and reward them for the work they do.

All reviewers are entitled to:

  • Free access to IJSRM Journal

Impact Factor

Year 2016 : 2.14 

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