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Analytical Axiology of the Political Background in “Vision of Teodros” Ethiopian Historical Theater

Mr. Girmaw Ashebir Sinshaw,
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This article aims to describe about the analytical axiology of the political background in ye Tewodros raey historical theatre of Ethiopia. The theatre is the most important of the new generation to teach the Emperor Tewodros II challenges and also great visions of new civilized Ethiopia united. The theatre name also in English vision of Tewodros in Amharic are known ye Tewodros raey.  As aspect of axiology have been evaluated the value of vision of Theodros to the audience and the advantages. From the theater an axiology aspect of the political background vision of Theodros that the advantages are to more informative about patriotism, social awareness, concentration, imagination, communication skill, fun, problem solving/conflict resolution, trust, memory, aesthetics appreciation, cooperation/collaboration, empathy and tolerance. These papers have been used document study system as well as have used the qualitative research method to more describe as a theatre reviewing the aspect of axiology philosophical aspects.


Vision of Theodros historical theatre Written and produced by Getnet Enyew who is the famous professional artist in Ethiopia. He is film and stage theatre actor, script and poem writer, director and producer. Currently he is in national theatre house of Ethiopia on the position. Getnet Enyew he is also film maker.

Vision of Theodros is stage theatre and starting to provide for audience ten years ago in Ethiopian national theatre houses in capital of Ethiopia. This theatre has more than 240 participants to acting on the stage. “Ye Tewodros raey” means in English “Vision of Theodros” story tell us about Ethiopian ancient civilization in the time of Emperor Tewodros II King of kings Ethiopia in 1850’s. Before Emperor Tewodros II coming on the power of king of Ethiopia has not central government and also there was the different ethnic group small kings imperial administrative. For example, kingdom of Shewa, kingdom of Gojjam, kingdom of Jemma, kingdom of wollo and others. Ethiopia the country that has multi-lingual and multi-cultural state of Solomonic dynasty. Because of that Emperor Tewodros II has dream to make one big state of united Ethiopia not the only that, Tewodros II (1820-1868), was a visionary emperor of Ethiopia who tried unsuccessfully to reconstitute and modernize traditional institutions by emulating European technological achievements. ).

Figure 1 :

Therefor vision of Theodros theatre story talking about how much Emperor Tewodros II was straggle to build up great and civilised United States of Ethiopia under one government.


Analytical Axiology of the Poletical Background in “vision of Theodros” Historical Stage Theatre of Ethiopia

Before going to the main body of discussion part let’s describe about “what is axiology?”. Axiology is the study of values and how those values come about in a society. Axiology seeks to understand the nature of values and value judgments. It is closely related to two other realms of philosophy: ethics and aesthetics. All three branches deal with worth. 

 is concerned with goodness, trying to understand what good is and what it means to be good. Aesthetics is concerned with beauty and harmony, trying to understand beauty and what it means or how it is defined. Axiology is a necessary component of both ethics and aesthetics, because one must use concepts of worth to define “goodness” or “beauty,” and therefore one must understand what is valuable and why. Understanding values helps us to determine motive.

Philosophers supposed “Values are foundational for both knowledge-producing systemsand social projects. Values are embedded in the met scientific worldviews of socio-logical perspectives. There is no presupposition less perspectives in the philosophical spectrum from phenomenology to positivism (Eckhardt, 1973; Friedrichs, 1973).”

The word 'axiology' derived from two Greek words- 'axios' means worth or value and 'logos' means logic or theory, means theory of value. ... Ethics is a complement to aesthetics in the philosophical field of axiology.

Axiology in the aspect of Essential way in vision of Theodros.

How they learn from ye Tewodros raey?

From “vision of Theodros” Ethiopian stage Theatre has the following benefits for the audience and also for all participant of performing. An axiology aspect of essential way of perspective vision of Theodros historical theatre has the following important points.


Problem-solving/conflict resolution


Communication skill




Social awareness

Aesthetics appreciation


Empathy and tolerance

Let’s see the important thing of vision of Theodros stage theatre.


the people who watching the theatre benefited to know the back history of ancient Ethiopia specially the Emperor Tewodros II.

Figure 2 :


Vision of Theodros the last season is shows about Emperor Tewodros II struggling and also challenging. Finally, he has occupied by British war and his general scarified by his fighters, that’s why he has decide to killing himself by own gun.

He doesn’t want to arrest by his fighters because of country loyalty. All of Ethiopian people still have honorary grand respect for him and he still an example of patriotism in Ethiopia. So ye Tewodros raey telling his life price for his country sovereignty.


The people they can remember the long story of Ethiopia when they attend vision of Theodros stage theatre.

Social awareness;

In the ye Tewodros raey stage theatre there is sadness and funeral event when his wife pas away and also wedding celebration at the circumstance of those things happen has interesting performing art like the consuming, dancing, heroic performing, music, and traditional and religion programs. Emperor Tewodros II is from Amhara Solomonic density upper class of Ethiopia. So, the people who attend the theatre they awarded about Emperor Tewodros II family background, loyal family luxury event.

And there is many additional benefited from vision of Theodros.

Axiology in the aspect of Substantial way in vision of Theodros

What is the impact of “vision of Theodros”?

Theatre Arts is to prepare students and the communities Ethically, Personally, Socially, and academically for the ever-changing world of digital media, theatre and rhetorical arts.

According to vision of Theodros historical stage theatre there is positive impact of that personal attitude, social conciseness, and ethically good personality from vision of Theodros.

For example, in this theatre there is the story about loyal family and also lower-class society. Emperor Tewodros II originally from poor family, so from this story it can be analyzed personal empowerment of related to how can specialized to upgrade self-status form the scratch.

In this 21st century the people need to unity and civilization. The story of this theatre also based up on ancient civilization and unity of Ethiopia. So, the people will have informed how can be a patriotic citizen.

Axiology in the aspect of Radical way in “vision of Theodros”

What is the advantage of vision of Theodros theatre?

The people are very advantages specially who is live in Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia. Because of every week Saturday 2:00pm until 4:00pm vision of Theodros in the stage for the audience. The audience are learning from the theatre about ancient Ethiopia history, imperial system, traditional kingdom celebration, family of king wedding and the past history of Ethiopia.

As well as this theatre is the first theatre in to participate too many actors. Because the central idea of yeteodros raey narrated Ethiopian ancient kingdom system, imperial system, culture, war, and any activity of relative to the king. That’s why the director of theatre directed much number of performer acting/represents as a people, kingdom family, hero’s, king securities, prince, and different imperial ethnic group of kingdoms.

So those from vision of Theodros the people have good advantage to know the former Ethiopian history.

In the other advantage from this theatre, out of advantage of art value, there is economical advantage. Those are who is performing in the theatre have good job opportunity and also developing team work culture. This is the advantage art industry.

, as well as all of the arts, encourages engagement and learning and has a positive impact on emotional, physical and social development.

The peoples who participate to learn in theatre programs enjoy the . It offers and will take those skills throughout their lives, making them more creative, confident and productive individuals. But the best part of getting involved in a theatre program is that you meet great people who have similar interests. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s fun.


“Vision of Theodros” Ethiopian stage theatre in the Axiology Perspective has analysis as the below discussion part. In the introduction part short explanation about the script writer and also the background of theatre story. Including the introduction session there is about Emperor Tewodros II who is the source of the theatre story. Emperor Tewodros II is one of Solomonic dynasty kings of king Ethiopian in 1848. Also, he was the founder of modern Ethiopian and the honour of great dream for Ethiopia.

In the main body of this analysis there is a review as aspect of axiology. The researcher has try to analysis as essential, radical and substantial aspect of thinking way.


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