Since gaining independence, Côte d'Ivoire has based its economic development on the primary sector. Thus, currencies derived from the marketing of cocoa, coffee (both traditional crops) then palm oil and coconut; cotton fibers, ... and more recently raw or pre-treated rubber latex, cashew nuts, to name just a few, alongside logs from logging, and finally fish products such as tuna and many other fishery products, Côte d'Ivoire has been able to build schools, universities, hospitals, build industries, build roads, ports, ... in short develop other economic sectors and ensure the good social being of Ivorians. At the same time, agriculture produced the "economic miracle" of our country. But since the fall in prices of agricultural raw materials, the contribution of the agricultural sector to the national GDP has decreased (it is now 25% (APA NEWS, 2018)), and this, along with the various economic, social and economic crises. policies that the country has been experiencing since 1990.