Sadhna into nature is process of liberation. Sri Aurobindo is one of them who linking between nature and material world by Sadhna. Internationalist Sri Aurobindo’s thought of global peace is a unique concept for freedom of ego, blindness and illiteracy. He has unshakable faith in man. In present time everyday life we are fevering from terrorism, war, national ego, economic variety, selfishness etc which are finishing humanity. If we thoroughly view all country we must see the problem of co- operation and adjustment. The literacy rate is growing like storm but the falling of national integration is falling down like Himalayas landslide.  He was not only a great freedom fighter, patriot but also a great educationist, philosopher. Sri Aurobindo’s ideas about education are a happy synthesis of Idealism, Naturalism, Realism, Individualism and socialism. He tries to modernize   education in India by integrating old values. According to him, education must have five principles of human activities of human being, Physical, vital, mental, spiritual and intellectual. In his political life, aim of his life is not only to develop our country but also develop world human unity. He directs to the Indian to take responsible for the spiritual development in human being after the extreme material development in European culture. As a Metaphysician, Sri Aurobindo means liberty is self and spiritual freedom. It is undertaken from Eastern philosophy but the concept of social and political is originated from Western philosophy. He tries to synthesize between both Eastern and Western philosophy. The individual always remain the focal point in the political and spiritual philosophy of Sri Aurobindo. The researcher wants to study the relevance of Sri Aurobindo’s thinking on national integration and integral yoga in the 21st century for developing mind to be a good citizen and global peace. Integral Yoga is called as the art of harmonious and creative living. It stresses the need for the balanced growth of personality for constructive development of the latent possibilities of one’s nature and for their emplacement in the service of mankind and such higher values as truth, justice, peace, freedom and progress. If we want establish and develop India as a nation, we must integrate all power of ours. If we each one develops our country as an integrative unit then as an integration of each integrative nation we will can construct ‘World Union’ or World Nation.