Some plant used by human community to cure diseases and health related problems from long period of
time are called etheno-medicinal plants. Saputara hill Dang forest is administered by Gujarat state
forest Department (GSFD). The area lies between 200
30’ N latitude and 730
15’longitude. Saputara
forest (120sq. km) is moist deciduous tropical type with an average rainfall 1200-1500mm. The mean
temparature varies from about 80
c in winter to about 340
c in summer, with 30-80% humidity. The
vegetation of this study area is of purely moist deciduous type with natural plants like Tectona grandis,
Dendrocalamus strictus, Terminalia crenulata, T.bellerica, T.arjuna, Carrisa congesta and Accasia
catechu in successive pattern. In conclusion, the medicinal species require special attention to conserve
and documentation of their medicinal uses local people.