The security for MANET is the major issue in the network area. Dynamic topology of wireless network
sets a challenge to implement the real time application as compared to wired networks. MANET is a set of
independent node can communicate with each other by active path of multi hop wireless medium. Mobile
ad-hoc networks are vulnerable to security threats. Many Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) have been
inserted to distinguish the possible approaches in the MANET. An intrusion detection system is the
capability to sense intruders and user actions in the organization in a competent and reasonable manner.
An Intruder that collaborates a mobile node in MANET eliminates the communication between the nodes.
By distribution fake routing information, provided that false link status information, and plentiful other
nodes with superfluous routing traffic information. In this paper, our aim is to present a review of
different strategies for MANET have been elaborated for a future research enhancement in the field of
Intrusion Detection System.