Published: 2017-12-24

Determining Fire Protection Zones In The University Forest Of Taxiarchis – Vrastama In Greece

Nikolaos Karatzidis Vasileios C. Drosos ,George Mintsis Kosmas-Aristotelis G. Doucas

Pages No. 3650-3655

Abstract 24  | PDF 12 

Failure Mode and Effect Analysis –A Quantitative Technique for Improving Quality of Teaching and Training in B-Schools

Dr.D. Ghosh

Pages No. 3656-3664

Abstract 28  | PDF 35 

A Review: Properties and Applications of Different Grades of Austenitic Stainless Steels and the Effect of Various Factors on the Tensile Behavior Of These Steels

Navjot Singh Surinder Singh

Pages No. 3665-3673

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Effects of Aqueous Stem Bark Extract of Cissus Populnea on Serum Lipid Profile in Normal and Diabetic Induced Rats

Matawalli Ajagana Geidam

Pages No. 3679-3683

Abstract 31  | PDF 32 

Phytochemical Characterization Of Vernonia Amygdalina.Del Ethanolic Extract Fraction And Contractile Response On Isolated Uterine Tissue In Female Albino Wistar Rats

K.K.. Igwe, I..I.Ijeh P..N. Okafor S.M Anika

Pages No. 3684-3693

Abstract 22  | PDF 92 

Impact of Public Expenditure on Economic Growth in Nigeria

Enya Gabriel Emori, Stephen Bassey Duke Ikenna Dominic Nneji

Pages No. 3694-3700

Abstract 49  | PDF 333 

Advertising and Ethical Theories – A Comparative Study of Select Campaigns

Sudeep Limaye Dr. Milind Pande

Pages No. 3701-3709

Abstract 89  | PDF 1719 

A Study of Gender Difference in Work Place Stress

Dr. Parul Deshwal

Pages No. 3710-3717

Abstract 23  | PDF 12 

Causality between Public Health Expenditure And Economic Growth In Brics Countries

J.V. Arun Dr.D.Kumar

Pages No. 3718-3722

Abstract 28  | PDF 164 

Optimization of Air Conditioner Condenser Using R404 to Improve Heat Transfer Rate

K. Nirmala, B.Sree lakshmi R.Narasamma T.Kishore kumar

Pages No. 3723-3727

Abstract 70  | PDF 15 

The pitch angle control of variable speed wind turbine using PID controller

Y. Bhanu Chandra M.E Josyula s l tejaswi

Pages No. 3728-3733

Abstract 50  | PDF 423 

Data envelopment analysis:Evaluating the relative efficiency of Public sector Banks in India

E.Saravanan V.Prakash

Pages No. 3734-3737

Abstract 30  | PDF 64 

Adequate Battery Energy Storage System

Mr. Dhiraj N.Rathod Prof. Mukund R Salodkar Mr. Amit M. Dodke

Pages No. 3743-3746

Abstract 20  | PDF 12 

E-Marketing: Challenges And Opportunities For The Marketers

Dr. Parul Deshwal

Pages No. 3747-3753

Abstract 426  | PDF 382 

Analysis of Chaotic Image Encryption Using 1D Logistic Map, 2D Arnold Cat Map and 3D Arnold Cat Map

Jenny Joseph Josy Elsa Varghese

Pages No. 3754-3761

Abstract 44  | PDF

Chaotic Based Asymmetric and Symmetric Key Encryption Using Augmented Lorenz Equations

Winnie Sara Simon Josy Elsa Varghese

Pages No. 3762-3769

Abstract 23  | PDF 92 

Amino Acid Composition of Cissus Populnea Stem Bark Extract

Matawalli Ajagana Geidam

Pages No. 3674-3678

Abstract 31  | PDF 26 

Influence of Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes on Shearstrength of Single Lap Joint

Mr.V.H.Londhe Prof.N.D.Misal

Pages No. 3769-3774

Abstract 26  | PDF 15