Published: 2017-12-24

Cost Effective Scheduling In MIMO Empowered Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks

Faizal . B Joshy Thomas Jose

Pages No. 3775-3780

Abstract 32  | PDF 11 

Green Building : A New Wave In India

Ms. Mamta

Pages No. 3781-3790

Abstract 63  | PDF 803 

An Experimental Investigation on Mechanical and Durability Properties of High Strength Fiber Reinforced Concrete

A. Lekhya Dr. B. Damodar Reddy

Pages No. 3791-3797

Abstract 37  | PDF 49 

Using Pde Mathematical Model For Airodynamics Of Lifting Surfaces In Non-Uniform Motion

S.Manimekalai S.Gokilamani M.Revathy,R.Anandhi

Pages No. 3798-3805

Abstract 22  | PDF 7 

Improved Document Clustering Technique Using K-Mean Method

Purvi Khare

Pages No. 3806-3811

Abstract 28  | PDF 13 

Correlation Analysis Between Commodity Market And Stock Market During A Business Cycle

Dr. Arvind Kumar Singh Karan Veer Singh

Pages No. 3819-3829

Abstract 127  | PDF 641 

Consumer's Buying Preference For Electronic Products In India; Online Vs Retail

J. Martin Leonard Dr.N.S.Shibu

Pages No. 3812-3818

Abstract 34  | PDF 48