Published: 2016-03-01

Performance Evaluation of WLAN network based TORA protocol using OFDM (802.11a) and Extended rate PHY (802.11g)

Deepika Madan, Ms. Jyoti, Kuldeep Vats

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A Study On Job Satisfaction With Reference To Lanco Kondapalli Power Ltd Ap, India.

Rampilla Mahesh, Kancherla Seshadri

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The Influence of Lending Rate on the Performance of Deposit Money banks in Nigeria

Owui Hycenth Okang Ajaude Edward 2 Nkamare Stephen Ekpo3

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Spatial and Temporal distribution of Waterborne Diseases in Namanyonyi Sub-County, Mbale District, Uganda

Bashiru I and Asokan C*

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Investigating the Co-integration between Exports and Female Employment: A Case Study of Pakistan

Ayesha Ajaz*

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Are there ethics in sales profession – A study

Sudeep limaye, Dr. Milind Pande

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Women Entreprenuership among the AO Women In Nagaland: Challenges And Struggles

Meyajungla Longchar

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Secure and Scalable System by integrating CP-ABE with Proxy

Natasha D’Souza, Dolly D’Souza, Valentine Correia., Mr. Vimal Ram

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Ecological Study of a Lentic Water Body In Relation To Bacterial Population

Gopala krishna

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Support Neighbourly Irregular Graphs

Selvam Avadayappan, M. Bhuvaneshwari and R.Sinthu

Abstract 42  | PDF 104 

Global migration, public order, and collective bargaining operating on borders

Barbara Grandi

Abstract 42  | PDF 46 

Smoking Advertisements and Its Impact on Human Behavior

Noman Arshed1, Muhammad Shahid Hassan Afia Mushtaq *

Abstract 37  | PDF 9