Published: 2017-02-01

Satisfaction Regarding Hospital Orientation among Staff Nurses in a Selected Hospital, Bengaluru.

Mrs. Blaze Asheetha Maria Rosario-Associ Ms. Karma Dolma-Lecturer, 3Ms.Anjaly Ms.Ann Mary ,5 Ms.Binisha , 6 Ms.Jelitta

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Understanding Student- Centered Learning and Philosophies of Teaching Practices

Dr. Divya Singhal

Abstract 185  | PDF 166 

A Comparison of Emotional Verbal, Physical Social and Destructive Modes of Aggression among Tribal and Non-Tribal Young Adults of Assam

Dr. Manidipa Baruah Neel Harit Kausik

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H2S Induced Animation/hibernation–the Existence of Two Eukaryotic Metabolic States.

Hibernation is a common metabolic state

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Design and Simulation of Slotted Antenna based on Vivaldi Antenna

Vikas A

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Depressions - Potential Underlying Causes.

J. Z. Dalgaard A

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Versatility of Bi- Paddle PMMC Flap in Reconstruction of Oral Facial Defects

Prakash B V1 , Mohammed Zuhaib2 , Hemanth Nagavarma

Pages No. 5147-5151

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Understanding the Revenue Structure of Municipalities in the Context of Achieving Sustainable Development

Sania Sami Mohammad-Reza Daroudi

Pages No. 5152-5162

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A Study on Stock Market Development and the Economic Growth, an Evidence From India

Munavarjasim PK1 , Fulail Choithala

Pages No. 5163-5169

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Detection of Kidney Stone in MRI Images Using Ideal Filter

Wazir A

Pages No. 5170-5175

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Energy Efficient Optimized Protocols for Wireless Sensor Network

Nutan* Punit Kaushik

Pages No. 5176-5186

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