Published: 2017-03-01

Polyphenol and Resveratrol Content in Grape Juices Organically and Conventionally Produced in Southern Brazil

Mariana Cardoso Gonçalvez Priscila de Oliveira Gauer Wolmir José Böckel

Pages No. 5182-5185

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A Correlational Study of Bronchial Brushing With Bronchoscopic Biopsy in Diagnosis of Malignant Lung Neoplasms”

Dr. S.P.Vyas, Dr. Jai prakash Dhaka Dr.Monika Choudhary3 , Dr. Satya prakash Sharma4 ,Dr.Roshan Verma

Pages No. 5186-5192|

Abstract 89  | PDF 88  DOI

Cytological Evaluation of Thyroid Lesion on The Basis Of Bethesda System

Dr. Satya prakash Sharma1 , Dr. Vanita K Dr.Q.Fatima3 , Dr. Jai prakash Dhaka Dr.Monika Choudhary

Pages No. 5193-5198

Abstract 62  | PDF 40  DOI

Various Handoff Strategies Using Fuzzy Logic

Bindia1 Ayushi Aggarwal

Pages No. 5199-5203

Abstract 69  | PDF 59  DOI

Design and Analysis of Folded Cascoded Operational Trans Conductance Amplifier

Namika Kumari

Pages No. 5204-5207

Abstract 44  | PDF 29  DOI

Peace Education: A Pedagogical Emergent For Student Wellbeing

Sohel Rana Sarkar , Dr. Abhijit Guha

Pages No. 5208-5212

Abstract 83  | PDF 171  DOI

The Effect of Portfolio-Based Assessment on EFL Students Writings and Process Writing

Jamel Ben Youssef Mtawaa

Pages No. 5213-5215

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Study of Various Histopathological Lesions In Resected Gall Bladder Specimen: A Study In Consecutive 898 Cholecystectomies

Dr.Roshan Verma1 ,Dr.Nidhi Binnani Dr.Vanita kumar Dr.Neelu Gupta

Pages No. 5216-5221

Abstract 67  | PDF 46  DOI

Collision Tumor: A Rare Case Report of Benign Teratoma and Mucinous Cystadenoma in the Same Ovary

Dr. Satya Prakash Sharma Dr. Nidhi Binnani2 , Dr.Vanita Kumar Dr. Jai Prakash Dhaka4 , Dr. Monika Chou

Pages No. 5222-5225

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Cervicographic progress in active Phase and obstetric outcome in Patients undergoing labour under Epidural analgesia

Priyanka Goel Pratibha Kulkarni

Pages No. 5226-5232

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Measurement of Indoor Terrestrial Gamma Radiation Dose and Evaluation of Annual Effective Dose at AECD Campus, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Shahadat Hossain Dr. Mohammad Sohelur Rahman Md. Ashraful Islam, Dr. M. Habibul Ahsa

Pages No. 5233-5241

Abstract 131  | PDF 46  DOI

Comparative Evaluation Of Anticancer Potential Of Moringaoleifera, Ganodermalucidumand Silver Nanoparticles Against Breast And Liver Cancer Cell Lines And Related Pro And Anti Apoptotic Genes Profile

Aliaa Hussein1 ,Mohammad El- Sayed Osman Khaled A. El-Dougdoug , RehamMostafa Al RehamMostafa Albaz, AlyFahmy Mohamed

Pages No. 5242-5252

Abstract 80  | PDF 41  DOI