Published: 2016-07-01

Conservation Management Strategy for Water Resource Sustainability in Campus

Mrs. Kalpana R. Thakare1, Mr. Sarang Pathak2 Ms. NupurBhadra3

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ICT Transforming Teaching & Learning System

Vibha Thakur1, Prabha Raghuwanshi2

Abstract 50  | PDF 24 

Analyse Forces Developed In Grinding Operation Of Bearing Races & Validate Spindle Used To Deliver Process Requirements

Devendra kumar Patel, Diplesh Gautam

Abstract 31  | PDF 45 

Inter-Regional Disparities with Multi-Dimensional Aspect in India

P.Ponmuthusaravanan*, G.Ravi**

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A case report:-Ovary penetration by a Multiload-Cu 375 intrauterine contraceptive device

Bariha Kalpana, Chaturvedi Hina, Sharma Beniwal Devendra, Mehta Nidhi, Agrawal Megha, Kurre Amarawatin

Abstract 40  | PDF 19 

Pap Smear Versus Colposcopy For Diagnosis Of Precancerous Lesions Of Cervix

Bariha Kalpana, Sharma Anju, Chaturvedi Hina, Agrawal Megha, Baniwal Devendra, Kurre Amarawatin

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Research on Male Adolescent School Dropout and Its Influence on Society Aged between 14 and 18 Years

Flrence Wamahiga Githuthu

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The Influence of Career Developments to The Work Motivation of Employees of Health Polytechnic of Surabaya

Mamik1, Murtini2, Siti Surasri 3

Abstract 39  | PDF 22 

Design & Simulationof R Slotted Patch Antenna with EBG Substrates

Raman1, Ajay Sharma2

Abstract 30  | PDF 13 

Optical Character Recognition

Pooja1, Aakash2

Abstract 73  | PDF 31 

A Novel Neural Network Approach for Image Compression & Decompression

Poonam1, Indu2

Abstract 27  | PDF 21 

Status of Elementary Education in India

Rupinder Kaur, Dr. Meenakshi

Abstract 54  | PDF 342 

Software Reliability–A Review

Alisha Garg#1, Anil Arora#

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Experimental Study of Critical Rainfall of the Aizi Gully Baihetan Hydropower Station Near-Zone Area

HeNa1, XiaZhengfeng2, ZhongWei1, N.Sh.chen3, ZengMei4 , ChenRong3, He Yuxiao1

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Supply Chain Optimization approaches and Market Demand Analysis of Petroleum Industry: A Case Study of ONGC

Chandan Kumar Jha

Abstract 82  | PDF 148 

Evaluation of Solid Medical Waste Management at Prof. Dr. W. Z. Johannes Kupang Hospital

Edwin Mesach Mauguru1), R.Azizah 2), Lilis Sulistyorini3)

Abstract 50  | PDF 33 

Design of Compressor less Solar Powered Refrigerator

Saghar Mehdi

Abstract 102  | PDF 405 

Design & Simulation of Fractal Antenna for Wi-Max Operation

Shilpa Jain * BinayBinod**

Abstract 26  | PDF 19