Published: 2017-12-26

Comparison of Conventional and Organic Farmers on Their Socioeconomic Characteristics and Communication Behaviors

Ayse Gul Tuncer , Ismet Boz

Abstract 77  | PDF 55  DOI

High community expectation against low societal transformation through community based income generating activities. Analysis of Participatory forest management in Kenya 2005-2013

Thuita Thenya, Ngatia, J, Wilson Mwaniki Ngecu

Abstract 76  | PDF 22 

Experimental Determination of Ferrocast Confined Cylindrical Columns

Vaibhav Phadke, Omkar Dhavan, Naresh Bhosale,Abhilash Pawar

Abstract 123  | PDF 26 

Watermarking Using Bit Plane Complexity Segmentation and Artificial Neural Network

Rashmeet Kaur Chawla, Sunil Kumar Mutto

Abstract 42  | PDF 27 

Need to Strengthen Availability of Right Based Family Planning Services

Rajnish Ranjan Prasad, Neha Awasthi, Shweta Bhardwaj, Shrutika Badgujar

Abstract 50  | PDF 27 

Occupational Stress of Employees with Special Reference to Private Companies in Coimbatore

P. Natarajan, Dr.M.Punitha

Abstract 47  | PDF 240 

Employee Attrition and Retention Strategies in Amara Raja Batteries Limited: An Empirical Investigation

K. SreenivasMahesh, Dr. P. V. VaraPrabhakar

Abstract 62  | PDF 310 

Comparative Study on different Steganographic Techniques

Rashmeet Kaur Chawla, Gurpreet Kaur

Abstract 111  | PDF 87  DOI

Socio-Economic Factors on Women Empowerment

Dr. R. Karuppusamy, S. Indira

Abstract 82  | PDF 73 

Importance of play school in child development

Mamta Maheshwari

Abstract 110  | PDF 960  DOI

Understanding Digital Marketing Strategy

Pinaki Mandal, Prof. Nitin Joshi

Abstract 461  | PDF 361 

Assessment of drinking water quality in hand pump water of Tonk city, Rajasthan, India

Shyam Soni, R.K. Singh

Abstract 463  | PDF 59 

Sentiment analysis on product purchase through e commerce

Sreyasi Rupa De, Prof. Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay

Abstract 54  | PDF 299  DOI

Conservation of Freshwater Fish Biodiversity: A Challenge for Rajasthan

Anita Jhajhria

Abstract 70  | PDF 117  DOI

Political Participation of Women in Gram Panchayat: A Study of Silinda 1.No Gram Panchayat

Biki Biswas

Abstract 114  | PDF 393  DOI

Energy Efficient Clustering Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks-A Review

Suman Pandey

Abstract 45  | PDF 136  DOI

Analysing Workers Engagement in Public and Private Sector: with special reference to Telecom, Banking and Insurance Industry in India

Shweta Sharma, Sanjeevni Gangwani

Abstract 74  | PDF 0  DOI

Free Ranging Desi Poultry As A Component In Maize Integrated Farming System And Its Effect On Growth And Yield Of Maize (Zea Mays L.)

T. Ananthi, M. Mohamed Amanullah

Abstract 51  | PDF 34  DOI

Phytoremediation - A Promising Technique in Waste Water Treatment

K. Sri Lakshmi, V. Hema Sailaja, M. Anji Reddy

Abstract 120  | PDF 1159  DOI

Design of Unique Auto Disconnect Password Generation for Public Wi-Fi Routers

Mr.T.M.Hayath, Ms.Akhila Kurni, Ms.Aishwarya Hiremath C, Ms.Sinduja J,

Abstract 42  | PDF 46  DOI

Productivity and Economics of Free Ranging Desi Poultry In Sugarcane Integrated Farming System

T. Ananthi, M. Mohamed Amanullah

Abstract 44  | PDF 195  DOI

A Review Analysis of Parametric Optimization Based Studies in VANET

Jyoti Thakur, Dr. Inderjeet Kaur

Abstract 54  | PDF 46  DOI

Effect of Increasing Height of Building on Design Results

Priyanka Varyani, Rashmi Singh

Abstract 46  | PDF 56  DOI

Study on the association between Physical growth and Socio-economic condition of North-West and South-West Khasi children in the State of Meghalaya.

Dr Barikor C Warjri

Abstract 42  | PDF 26  DOI

Need of Women Entrepreneurs in India: A Meta Study

Dr.Parul Sharda

Abstract 43  | PDF 274 

Development of Art and Architecture in Sultanate Period with Special Reference to Slave and Khali Dynasty

Dr.Akhaya Kumar Mishra

Abstract 382  | PDF 983  DOI

Urbanization: Issues and Impacts on the Village of South 24 Parganas, West Bengal

Moumita Gupta,Tanusree Polley Dr. Abhijit Das, Jaydeep Mondal

Abstract 143  | PDF 90  DOI

Suppliers of Organic Food: Evidence From Sisli And Kartal Ecological Bazaars Of Istanbul

Ali Kemal Ayan, Ismet Boz, Cevahir Kaynakci, Selim Ayta

Abstract 58  | PDF 35  DOI

Measurement of tax effort in India: An inter-state analysis

Dr. Ummed Singh

Abstract 92  | PDF 153  DOI

Analysis of Open Source Watermarking Softwares

Rashmeet Kaur Chawla, Sunil Kumar Muttoo

Abstract 42  | PDF 326  DOI

Growth and Development of CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility in Europe

Dr Jagbir Singh Kadyan.

Abstract 49  | PDF 40  DOI

Computer Security and Intrusion detection System-A Data Mining Based Approach

Neetu Anand, Tapas Kumar

Abstract 47  | PDF 32  DOI

Parallel State of the Art Algorithms for Frequent Itemset Mining – A Concise Descriptive Summary of Scalable Approaches

Nafisur Rahman, Samar Wazir

Abstract 46  | PDF 17  DOI

A Study of Global Peace: Based on Sri Aurobindo's Political Thinking, Integral Yoga and National Integration

Subhankar Samanta, Reshmi Bokshi

Abstract 254  | PDF 484  DOI

An Efficient Privacy Preserving Technique Using Decoy Passwords

Gannamaneni Siri Venkata Bhanu, Vankamamidi S Naresh

Abstract 62  | PDF 35  DOI

An Efficient Privacy Preserving Technique Using Decoy Passwords

Gannamaneni Siri Venkata Bhanu Vankamamidi S Naresh

Abstract 28  | PDF 17 

High-octane Leadership: building a resilient and futuristic organisation- A Critical Perspective

Prof. Dr Abhijit Ganguly

Abstract 38  | PDF 38  DOI

Insights into the Self assembled Lipid-Polymer hybrid Nanoparticles as Drug Delivery system

Chandan Singh Ahirwar, A.K. Pathak

Abstract 75  | PDF 52  DOI

Villagers’ Economic Status in the Neighbourhood of A Thermal Power Project As Reflected By Their Assets – A Case Study of Kalisindh Thermal Power Project

Ms. Reeta Karra, Dr. P. N. Mishra, Dr. Pooja Jain

Abstract 41  | PDF 19  DOI

A Study Twacha Sharir W.S.R. To Kitibha Kustha (Psoriasis)

Dr. Gajendra Gurav, Dr. D. V. Shukla

Abstract 104  | PDF 109  DOI

Study of Techniques Used For Segmentation and Classification of Skin Lesion

Er.Navdeep Kaur, Er.Priya Kapoor

Abstract 32  | PDF 31  DOI

Role of Consortium in Academic Libraries: a case study of IISERs

Ruchi Srivastava

Abstract 61  | PDF 47  DOI

Doping of Calcium of Hydroxide on Bio-adsorbent for Removal of Fluoride from Water

Snehal Thorat1, KavitaKulkarni, Dr. A.D.Kulkarni

Abstract 33  | PDF 51  DOI

A Deliberation on Investment Decisions

Dr.Vandana Bagla

Abstract 37  | PDF 16  DOI

Calcium Ion Impregnated on Water Hyacinth for Defluoridation of Water

Ashwini Gajbhiye, Kavita Kulkarni, Dr. A.D.Kulkarni

Abstract 47  | PDF 43  DOI

Removal of Reactive Blue 221 Dye from Textile Waste Water by Using Zinc Peroxide Nanoparticles

Pallavi C. Kale, Prashant L. Chaudhari

Abstract 48  | PDF 47  DOI

The rising concept of leadership in Public Sector units – A conceptual analysis

Anwesha Mukherjee

Abstract 38  | PDF 134  DOI

Study Of The Pollen Grain Development In Lagenaria siceraria ( Mol.) Standl. infected by Cucumber Green Mottle Mosaic Virus (C.G.M.M.V.).

Ravindra Kumar Pandey

Abstract 40  | PDF 31  DOI

Incidence and Plant stage relationship of rootrot incited by Macrophomina phaseolina on mothbean assessed using Novel Inoculation methods.

Dr.Deepali Chaturvedi

Abstract 40  | PDF 37  DOI

Confidential Policy for Protecting User Images Uploaded on Shared Web Sites

Akula Kiranmai, Gunisetti Loshma

Abstract 33  | PDF 16  DOI

FDI In India –An Effective Tool Of Continoues Growth: A Causality Analysis

Dr.deepti, Dr. Deepa Rawat

Abstract 43  | PDF 40  DOI

Biblographic Survey and Comparison Of Different Block Matching Algorithms

Akanksha, Surksha Saroha, Vijay Nehra

Abstract 33  | PDF 31  DOI

A Comparative Study on Buying Behavior of Customers towards Branded Apparel over Non Branded Apparel with Special Reference to Raipur City

Sonika Mishra, Dr. (Mrs.) Archana Agrawal

Abstract 212  | PDF 2165  DOI

Importance of Life Insurance in Meeting out Financial Needs and Security

Dr. Tarkeshwar Pandey

Abstract 46  | PDF 19  DOI