Published: 2016-08-01

Small Town Ramtek A Traditional Sustainable Community in India

1Mrs. Kalpana Kawathekar ( Thakare)1, 2Prof A.J Sanyal 3Mrs. Anjali V. Narad (Bhasme)

Abstract 39  | PDF 228 

An Analysis Of The Perceptions Of Innovation By University Of Botswana Staff Members

Njoku Ola Ama, Alexander Ngozi Ifezue, K. Moseki

Abstract 50  | PDF 18 

Developing the Insulation Sheet of Luffa Cylindrica for Mitticool Fridge

P.Daniel, Dr.K.S.Yadav

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Effect Of Climate And Sanitation Of Rats Population And Index Flea As Indicator Detection Yersinia pestis In Port Surabaya

Moch Agus Wahyudi1) , Ririh Yudhastuti2) , Hari Basuki Notobroto3)

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Effect of Route Reflection on IBGP Convergence and an approach to reduce convergence time

Santhosh S, M Dakshayini,

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Effect of Sustainability Environmental Cost Accounting on Financial Performance of Nigerian Corporate Organizations

Raymond A. Ezejiofor, John-Akamelu Racheal, C. Chigbo Ben_Eucharia E.

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Fermentability Of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Baker’s Yeast) With Fruit Juices & Carbohydrate substrates

1Dr.Vijaykumar Biradar, 2Ms. Ashashree Inamdar and 3Dr. M.S.Patil

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Effects of Gamma Radiation Exposure to Reduce of Monocyte Count and Serum Level of IFN-γ in Industrial Radiography Workers

1Niken Sekarningrum, 2Soedjajadi Keman, 3R Azizah

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Pressure Groups and Governance of Secondary Education in Functional Democracy in Cross River State, Nigeria.

Odigwe Francisca. Nonyelum, Okoi Ikpi Inyang, Sule Mary Anike

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Prediction Insecurity Outbreak Of DHF In Endemic Areas In Surabaya

Ruth Anggrainy Anike Wijaya1) R. Azizah2), Agoes Soegianto3)

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Design and Simulation of Half Vivaldi & Full Vivaldi Antenna for Mobile Applications

Abhishek Garg*, UdbhavSinghal*

Abstract 42  | PDF 128 

Alternative Sampling Strategy Based Upon Coefficient Of Mean Deviation When Auxiliary Information Is Available

Spersh Bhatt

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Enhancement of Kidney Stone Images using different Filtering Technique

Varsha Saroha *, Rakesh Verma**, Dr. K.K Saini***

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Anatomical Variations Caused by the Exposure of Sodium Azide and Potassium Chromate to the Accessions of Colocasia esculenta (L.) and Xanthosoma maffafa (L.) in Nigeria.

Florence O. Ajah1and Julian O. Osuji*1

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Human Resource Accounting Based On Flamholtz Model

M. Sripriya

Abstract 452  | PDF 1891