Published: 2017-05-01

Teaching Materials Developments for Digital Native Students

Ferril Irham Muzaki

Pages No. 5288-5292

Abstract 36  | PDF 21  DOI

Great River Monster: A Critical Approach from The Old Man and The Sea and other writings

Md. Shaon Akter,

Pages No. 5293-5296

Abstract 42  | PDF 21  DOI

Devising an effective medical marketing strategy for a sustained customer engagement for a medical product organization

Dr. Abhishek Arvind Kurne

Pages No. 5297-5303

Abstract 34  | PDF 233  DOI

The Evolving State of Affairs: Medical Marketing Redefined

Dr Aniket Dnyandeo Geete, Subject Matter Dr Abhishek Arvind Kurne2

Pages No. 5304-5311

Abstract 42  | PDF 208  DOI

The present and the future: Strategic partnering to support MSLs

Dr Shambhu Bimal Mandal Subject Matter Expert Dr Abhishek Arvind Kurne

Pages No. 5312-5320

Abstract 31  | PDF 55  DOI

Early Breastfeeding Initiation (EBFI) Knowledge: Concept Paper

Gladys Mugadza 1 , Mathilda Zvinavashe Felicity Zvanyadza Gumbo 3 , Babill Stra -Pedersen 4 Clara Haruzivishe

Pages No. 5321-5326

Abstract 56  | PDF 29  DOI

Signature Verification Using Support Vector Machine (SVM)

Ravinder kumar1 , Poonam singhal2

Pages No. 5327-5330

Abstract 211  | PDF 38  DOI

Design and Analysis of Multimode Single Precision Floating Point Arithmetic Unit Using Verilog

Sachin saraswat1 , and Sunita Malik2

Pages No. 5331-5335

Abstract 54  | PDF 27  DOI

Reducing the Computation Complexity of 2-D Gaussian Filter

Deepak raj1 , Poonam singal and Namika kumari3

Abstract 35  | PDF 14  DOI

Success of ERP Applications in Technology Migration and Organization Management

R.Punniyamoorthy1 Shanmuganathan C

Pages No. 5341-5344

Abstract 37  | PDF 21  DOI

Use and Awareness of Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) by Students and Faculty members of Anna University Regional Campus, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu – A Case Study

K.S.M. Swaminathan

Pages No. 5345-5349

Abstract 149  | PDF 45  DOI

Primary Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) involving skin of breast adjacent to nipple areola – a rare site case report and literature review

Dr.Neeru Singhal1 Dr.Neelu Gupta2 Dr.Sunita Kulhari3

Pages No. 5350-5353

Abstract 36  | PDF 50  DOI