Published: 2017-12-25

Global Crisis and the Demand for Gold in Indian Economy: An Analytical Perspective

Dr. Alka Mittal

Abstract 55  | PDF 145 

Assessing Agricultural Risks related to the Start, End and Length of the March – May Season in Nyando

James Musyoka1, Edgar Otumba2

Abstract 42  | PDF 19 

The Impact of Professional Training and Development Practices on the Employees Performance: A Case Study of Ministry of Education in Bahrain

Mariam Mohamed Alghareeb, Rami Mohammed Abu Wadi

Abstract 85  | PDF 103 

The Relationship between School Cultures and the Principal’s Leadership Style and the Effectiveness of the Principal’s Leadership

TMartinis Yamin1, Risnita2, Warnida3

Abstract 81  | PDF 38 

Quantum-mechanical treatment of 1H+ / 2H+/ 3H+ ion dynamics in carbon nanotubes

Anthony B. Kunkel, Daniel J. Finazzo, Renat A. Sultanov, and Dennis Guster

Abstract 30  | PDF

An Inventory Model for Perishable Items with Time Varying Stock Dependent Demand and Trade Credit under Fuzzy type Inflation

Sushil Kumar* & U.S. Rajput

Abstract 77  | PDF 88 

The Impact of Economic downturn on brand preference and “Buy Down” Behavior in FMCG sector

Vedprakash, Dr. R. R. Bhardwaj

Abstract 27  | PDF 296 

Machine Translation and Automatic Post-Editing in Translation of Business Letters and Contracts

Forouzan Dehbashi Sharif (Ph.D.), Kambiz Rabbani (MA.)

Abstract 46  | PDF 18 

A Review on Rough Terrain and Defence Robot

Sahil Bhatnagar1, Shivam Kumar Gola1, Pooja Agarwal1, Shivam Bhatia1, Pragati Gupta2

Abstract 46  | PDF 477