Published: 2017-12-25

The Role of Competitive Strategies in the Relationship Between Organizational Learning And Performance of Insurance Firms in Kenya

Sella Ogalo Ouma Prof Peter K’ Obonyo Dr. John Yabs

Pages No. 5775-5799

Abstract 57  | PDF 21  DOI

Adsorption of Lead by Bentonite Clay

Khan M. R. Hegde R. A Shabiimam M. A.

Pages No. 5800-5804

Abstract 126  | PDF 44  DOI

Change Detection Using Fuzzy SVM for Identifying Regions From Within Remote Sensed Images

Er.mandeep Kaur Er. Navjot kaur

Pages No. 5805-5809

Abstract 32  | PDF 13  DOI

National Agriculture Market: The Game Changer for Indian Farming Community

J.P. Yadav Abhishek Sharma

Pages No. 5810-5815

Abstract 61  | PDF 188  DOI

Sentiment Analysis using Enhanced Data Dictionary

Neha Tyagi Dr. Bhaskar Pant Neelam Singh

Pages No. 5816-5820

Abstract 38  | PDF 13  DOI

Use of nanotechnology for clean and safer future environment

Dr. Pinaki Guha

Pages No. 5821-5825

Abstract 53  | PDF 14  DOI

Screening and Identification of Cellulase- Producing Bacteria Isolated From Rumen of Camel in Sokoto Main Abattoir

Nafi’u. A.,M. H. Usman B. Y., Abdullahi , Mustapha G H. M. Maiturare

Pages No. 5826-5832

Abstract 33  | PDF 102  DOI

A Secure Anti-Collusion Data Sharing Scheme for Dynamic Groups in the Cloud by using Identity based Encryption

Mutyala Ramya Krishna Vankamamidi S Naresh

Pages No. 5833-5841

Abstract 32  | PDF 116  DOI

A Study on Nature of Sports Injuries among Athletes of Different Age and Gender Groups in Volleyball

Dr. Anup Mondal Dr. M.C Ghosh

Pages No. 5842-5848

Abstract 39  | PDF 26  DOI

Psychological Contracting Process Model: Towards A Unifying Theory Of Psychological Contract

Francis Ndirangu Njenga

Pages No. 5849-5854

Abstract 146  | PDF 36  DOI

An Empirical Investigation on Spot and Futures Market With Reference to Energy Sector on NSE

Dr. P. Sri Ram

Pages No. 5855-5876

Abstract 34  | PDF 7  DOI

Performance and Emission study of supercharged IDI diesel engine using Beef Tallow Methyl Ester with ethanol as an additive

Ganapathi Vedulla Aditya kolakoti, B V Appa Rao P Santosh Babji

Pages No. 5877-5881

Abstract 33  | PDF 21  DOI

An Inventory Model for Imperfect Quality Items

Ajay Kumar Agrawal Lalit Kumar Som Tarachand prajapati

Pages No. 5882-5891

Abstract 58  | PDF 27  DOI

Rising NPAs and Start Up India Initiative : A Possible Venture

Dr. Alka Singh

Pages No. 5892-5895

Abstract 49  | PDF 62  DOI

Tax Structure and Revenue Generation in Nigeria

Leyira Christian Micah Captain Briggs Alasin

Pages No. 5896-5912

Abstract 79  | PDF 35  DOI

Financial Inclusion & Implementation of Jan Dhan Yojna – Information Technology as Enabler

Dr. Alka Singh

Pages No. 5913-5918

Abstract 67  | PDF 60  DOI

Women Entrepreneurship Comparative Study in Service Sector

G.M. Manikyam

Pages No. 5919-5923

Abstract 57  | PDF 49  DOI

A Strong form of Cl-Cl -Connectedness

Sumit Harsh V. S. Chauhan Manoj

Pages No. 5924-5926

Abstract 43  | PDF 15  DOI

Application of Image Processing in Diagnosing Guava Leaf Diseases

M.Thilagavathi S.Abirami

Pages No. 5927-5933

Abstract 53  | PDF 43  DOI

A Critical Look at Innovation Profile and Its Relationship with Pharmaceutical Industry

Wallace Mateus Prata, Rodrigo Gomes Silvestre, Brian Godman,, Anthony Martin, Carolina Zampirolli Dias, Eduardo Mario Dias,, Francisco de Assis Acúrcio , Augusto Afonso Guerra Junior

Pages No. 5934-5948

Abstract 94  | PDF 22  DOI

Chia Seed(Saliviahispanica) – An Antioxidant Potent to Pharmacological Activities

V. Sarasvathi Dr. Josephine Nirmala Many

Pages No. 5949-5952

Abstract 35  | PDF 47  DOI

An Inquistive Result on DFS Problem of Binary Trees

Dr. N. Rama, Justin Sophia

Pages No. 5953-5958

Abstract 58  | PDF 36  DOI

Method Development and Validation of Simultaneous Estimation of Pseudoephedrine Ambroxol Desloratadine in Tablet Dosage Form and Degradation Studies By Rp-Hplc Method

Mohammad Mubina Dr.K.Sujana

Pages No. 5959-5997

Abstract 70  | PDF 83  DOI

The Effect of Demographic factors on Job Stress: A Comparative Study of Public and Private Life Insurance Sector

Dr. Ankita Chaturvedi, Meenu Joshi

Pages No. 5998-6005

Abstract 53  | PDF 21  DOI

Investigation of Photocatalytic Degradation of Rhodamine B by Using NanoSized TiO2

Rakhi Goyal, D. Kishore

Pages No. 6006-6013

Abstract 45  | PDF 75  DOI

Mobile Banking and Security Challenges

Dr.G. Sasikumar

Pages No. 6014-6018

Abstract 41  | PDF 66  DOI

Quality Assessment of modelled protein structure using Back-propagation and Radial Basis Function algorithm

Er. Amanpreet Kaur, Dr. Baljit Singh Khehra

Pages No. 6019-6033

Abstract 34  | PDF 11  DOI

A study of attitude of teachers and students towards open book and closed book assessment

Sonia Gujral Dr.Mamta Gupta

Pages No. 6034-6038

Abstract 35  | PDF 69  DOI

Women Entrepreneurs with New Age Media

Dr. Gautam Sen

Pages No. 6039-6046

Abstract 48  | PDF 15  DOI

Capacity Building Of Dalit Women In Lucknow District : A Case Study In BKT Block

Dr. Kaushiki Singh

Pages No. 6050-6069

Abstract 34  | PDF 18  DOI

Public Private Partnership (PPP) and its Evolution – A Conceptual Framework

Vimlesh Prabhudesai , Dr. Nandkishor G. Sarode

Pages No. 6070-6074

Abstract 48  | PDF 20  DOI

Technological Change, Financial Innovation, and Diffusion in Indian Banking Sector – A Move towards the Next Orbit

Dr. Sadaf Khan

Pages No. 6075-6091

Abstract 56  | PDF 50  DOI

Effectiveness of structured Teaching programme on Knowledge regarding prevention of upper respiratory tract infection among parents of children under age of 14 years who are undergoing chemotherapy

Mrs Sanghamitra Jena

Pages No. 6092-6096

Abstract 46  | PDF 64  DOI

Mathematical Model for Human Resource Planning through Stochastic Processes

Dr. G. Nirmala , B. Sridevi

Pages No. 6097-6099

Abstract 32  | PDF 61  DOI

New Technology Adoption Framework for Telecom Operators - with focus on Block chain

Rahul Darmwal

Pages No. 6100-6105

Abstract 160  | PDF 32  DOI

Isolation, Partial Purification and Characterization of a Cold Active Lipase from Pseudomonas sp., Isolated from Satopanth Glacier of Western Himalaya, India

Pragati Katiyar ,Pratibha , Vishvas Hare, Vinay Singh Baghel

Pages No. 6106-6112

Abstract 30  | PDF 42  DOI

A Noval Approach of Enhancing Security in Cloud Using Diffie Hellman Algorithm

Nancy Digra , Sandeep Sharma

Pages No. 6113-6118

Abstract 26  | PDF 30  DOI

Functional and Financial Devolution to Panchayati Raj Institutions in India: A study of Uttar Pradesh

Dr. R. C. Tyagi , Tarannum Siddiqui

Pages No. 6119-6127

Abstract 58  | PDF 44  DOI

Padap-sahita A book on common grasses and herbs.

Subhash kumar

Pages No. 6128-6146

Abstract 20  | PDF 27  DOI

A Study on Performance Appraisal in Business School at Rewari

Dr. Kapil dev , Dr. Saneh Yadav

Pages No. 6147-6149

Abstract 27  | PDF 11  DOI

Rural Development in India: Through Employment Programmes

Ashok Kumar Giri

Pages No. 6150-6155

Abstract 47  | PDF 251  DOI

Awarness of Green Marketing and Its Influence on Buying Behaviour of Consumers in Kerala

Sujith T S

Pages No. 6156-6164

Abstract 106  | PDF 173  DOI

Electronic Structure Problem of Alkaline Earth Metals

Badrish Badoni, Reena Purohit

Pages No. 6165-6172

Abstract 42  | PDF 13  DOI

Importance of Soft Skills in Project Management

Dr. Anupama Jena , Swasti Suvasweta Satpathy

Pages No. 6173-6180

Abstract 153  | PDF 347  DOI

Job Rotation & Its Impact on employees’ Performance: An Empirical Study among Employees at Red Sea University, Sudan

Mohammed Omer Idris Salih, Al.Beisani Al.Nabulsi Yousif Al.Ibed

Pages No. 6181-6184

Abstract 88  | PDF 627  DOI

Relationship between Organizational Learning and Performance of Insurance Firms in Kenya

Sella Ogalo Ouma, Prof Peter K’ Obonyo , Dr. John Yabs

Pages No. 6185-6196

Abstract 36  | PDF 26  DOI

Application of Graph Theory in Transportation Networks

Sanjay kumar Bisen

Pages No. 6197-6201

Abstract 222  | PDF 346  DOI

Homomorphism and Anti- Homomorphism of Interval Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Ternary Subhemiring of a Hemiring

N.Anitha , K.Tamilvanan

Pages No. 6202-6206

Abstract 26  | PDF 29  DOI

Reputation Systems in Cloud: A Review

Neeraj, Major Singh Goraya, Damanpreet Singh

Pages No. 6207-6212

Abstract 26  | PDF 6  DOI

An Impact of Stress on Women Employees with Reference to Selected Bpo’s Visakhaptnam

T.Narayana Rao, Dr. V. Srinivasa Prasad

Pages No. 6211-6214

Abstract 45  | PDF 152  DOI

Role of Phytoalexins in Plant-Microbe Interactions and Human Health

Suman Sen

Pages No. 6215-6225

Abstract 73  | PDF 39  DOI

Operations Research use in Transportation Problem

Aarti Borasi, Sanjay Kumar Bisen

Pages No. 6226-6228

Abstract 28  | PDF 17  DOI

Operational Impact of ICTs in Front-Office of Selected Hotels in South-East and South-South Nigeria.

Chike Ndukwe David, David-Chukwu Nkiruka

Pages No. 6229-6238

Abstract 26  | PDF 321  DOI

The impact of school culture on the mental health of female students

Dr. Vibha Nagar, Silkey Chaudhary

Pages No. 6239-6243

Abstract 27  | PDF 15  DOI

An assessment of the pollution load in Radha Kunda, District Mathura (India) and its effect on the population of selected planktons

Dr. P. K. Agrawal

Pages No. 6244-6247

Abstract 24  | PDF 44  DOI

Problems and prospects of Agriculture Development in Upper Assam: A case study of Sadiya Block of Tinsukia District

Kabita Upadhyai, B. D. Nayak

Pages No. 6248-6256

Abstract 195  | PDF 130  DOI

An Efficient Block Matching Algorithm for Fast Motion Estimation Using New Three Step Search and Tabu Search Algorithm

Savita Malik, Vijay Nehra

Pages No. 6257-6264

Abstract 37  | PDF 22  DOI

An Assessment of Environmental Awareness among the Residents of Tehsil Mendhar, District Poonch J&K, 185211, India

Javed Manzoor

Pages No. 6265-6270

Abstract 26  | PDF 45  DOI

International Human Rights Issue on Srilanka

Sumithra. M

Pages No. 6271-6278

Abstract 22  | PDF 7  DOI

Necessity and Implementation of BlockChain Technology

Waseem Akram Mir

Pages No. 6279-6280

Abstract 74  | PDF 24  DOI

A Study of the Behavior of Semi-Urban Youth Customers towards Online Shopping Through Online Shopping Applications

Prof. Vikram H. Shinde

Pages No. 6281-6295

Abstract 59  | PDF 73  DOI

Rising Incidence of Communal Violence in Modern India-A Matter of Concern

Dr. Ritu Arora

Pages No. 6296-6303

Abstract 58  | PDF 20  DOI

0-Connectedness in Topological Spaces

Sumit , Alok Kumar

Pages No. 6304-6307

Abstract 24  | PDF 13  DOI

Influence of Public Participation on Enhancing Democratic Governance

Kasyula Patrick Munyoki, Dr. Gladys Rotich, Dr. Joshua Kivuva

Pages No. 6308-6317

Abstract 30  | PDF 13  DOI

Meropenem VS Cefoperazone Prophylaxis for Prevention of Surgical Site Infection In Colorectal Surgery

Dr Afshan wani, Dr Asif Mehraj, Nisar A Chowdri, Fazl Q Parray, Dr Rauf A Wani, Dr Natasha Thakur,, Dr Mudassir A Khan

Pages No. 6318-6325

Abstract 28  | PDF 25  DOI

Effectiveness and the Armed Forces

Flt. Lt. (Dr) Manmeet Sardalia

Pages No. 6326-2630

Abstract 18  | PDF 69  DOI

Influence of Financing Infrastructure on Implementation of Health Care Projects in Meru County, Kenya

Gitonga Zaberio, Dr. Keiyoro Peter Njenga

Pages No. 6331-6346

Abstract 23  | PDF 5  DOI

Analysis of Factors Influencing Consumer Purchase Decision of Cellular Phones

Puneet Walia, Dr. Lalit Singla

Pages No. 6347-6356

Abstract 165  | PDF 724  DOI

Factors Contributing towards Quality of Work Life in Insurance Sector

Yamini Surolia, Dr. Mahima Rai

Pages No. 6357-6363

Abstract 35  | PDF 27  DOI

Robust Diagnostics of Box-Jenkins statistical method in forecasting share price performance for Sharia-Compliant Oil and Gas sector in Malaysia Stock Exchange

Nashirah Abu Bakar , Sofian Rosbi

Pages No. 6364-6376

Abstract 30  | PDF 12  DOI

Comparative Study of M20 and M25 grades of Concrete by ACI, DOE and BIS Methods of Mix Design Using Crushed Aggregate

Ravinder Singh, Dr. S.K Verma

Pages No. 6377-6383

Abstract 120  | PDF 401  DOI

Boon of Saakshar Bharat Mission-2012 in Tamenglong District, Manipur.

Gaichangpou Ruangmei

Pages No. 6384-6392

Abstract 21  | PDF 16  DOI

The Clarity and Validity of the Concept of Psychological Contract

Francis Ndirangu Njenga

Pages No. 6393-6401

Abstract 121  | PDF 35  DOI

A Study Over Survey On The Life Style Of Young Students

Dr. Manish Srivastava

Pages No. 6402-6406

Abstract 30  | PDF 15  DOI

Leadership competencies at Tata steel Jamshedpur since Globalization

Utpal chakraborty

Pages No. 6407-6416

Abstract 27  | PDF 45  DOI

Innovative Human Resource Practices: Literature Review And Related Issues

M. Suman Kumar, P.Archana

Pages No. 6417-6430

Abstract 58  | PDF 90  DOI

Theoretical Framework of Customer Relationship Management: An Overview

Dr.C.Mugunthan, G.Kalaiarasi

Pages No. 6431-6441

Abstract 387  | PDF 659  DOI

Design Defects and Quality of Government Funded Building Projects In Isiolo County, Kenya

Mbijiwe Lawrence Kinyua, Kiarie Antony Kimemia, Dr. Cavens Kithinji

Pages No. 6442-6454

Abstract 30  | PDF 12  DOI

A Study of Consumer Buying Behaviour of FMCG Products in Calicut City (With Special Reference of Tooth Paste)

Fazeen Rasheed . A.K

Pages No. 6455-6460

Abstract 98  | PDF 19  DOI

Topological Structures on Fuzzy Multisets

Jwngsar Moshahary

Pages No. 6461-6465

Abstract 50  | PDF 23  DOI

Agricultural Land Use Efficiency of Latur and Nilanga Taluka of Latur District

Mr. O.W. Jadhav

Pages No. 6466-6468

Abstract 35  | PDF 17  DOI

Impact of Reliance JIO on Indian Telecom Industry: An Empirical Study

Rajbinder Singh

Pages No. 6469-6474

Abstract 745  | PDF 2045  DOI

A Study on Business Environment of Life Insurance in India

K.Radhika, M. Srinivas

Pages No. 6475-6480

Abstract 39  | PDF 49  DOI

A study on impact of climate change on horticulture sector in Jammu and Kashmir: an economic overview

Mohmmad Younus Wani, Dr Prabha Bhatt

Pages No. 6481-6484

Abstract 78  | PDF 73  DOI

Extensive changes in the electoral system of India for legitimacy and responsible representatives in politics

Kolapuri Chandrashekar

Pages No. 6486-6496

Abstract 34  | PDF 63  DOI

Probabilistic Wind Power Forecasting Using Fuzzy Logic

Dr.M.Renuga Devi, S.SriDevi

Pages No. 6497-6500

Abstract 29  | PDF 14  DOI

Transmission Dynamics of Measles: A Mathematical Model

Mamta Raipuriya, Dr Arvind kumar yadav

Pages No. 6501-6505

Abstract 28  | PDF 17  DOI

A Study of Cellular Subscribers Satisfaction at Nanjangud Taluk

Divya L

Pages No. 6506-6412

Abstract 30  | PDF 14  DOI

A Study on Area, Production and Productivity of Apples in J&K from 2006- 07 to 2015-16

Rather Tajamul Islam, Dr. Sunita Shrivastava

Pages No. 6513-6519

Abstract 140  | PDF 416  DOI

Stress and Satisfaction attained by retirees through bridge employment in service sector

Dr. Abhilasha Gaur Saraswat

Pages No. 6521-6523

Abstract 25  | PDF 10  DOI

An Analysis of Fruit Detection and Yield Estimation Using on Tree Image

A. Saranya, Dr.N. Sujatha

Pages No. 6524-6530

Abstract 31  | PDF 45  DOI

Spiritual Well-being of Tribal Women Residing at Kottarankundru Village, Perambalur (DT)

Tharani. V, Maheswari. K

Pages No. 6531-6537

Abstract 27  | PDF 11  DOI

Trend of Deforestation in India: A comparative Approach to identify the qualitative and quantitative change of natural vegetation cover

Shashi Bhushan

Pages No. 6538-6547

Abstract 37  | PDF 204  DOI

Gender Role and Family Pattern in Kerala

Dr. Laisa Thomas

Pages No. 6548-6551

Abstract 37  | PDF 26  DOI

Interpolation Based Data Filling Approach of Incomplete Fuzzy Soft Set

Amalendu Si, Anup Kumar Kolya, Sudip Kumar Adhikari

Pages No. 6552-6560

Abstract 30  | PDF 14  DOI

Robust Temperature Control of Chemical Batch Reactor using Sliding Mode Control

Krupa Narwekar, V.A. Shah

Pages No. 6561-6568

Abstract 33  | PDF 18  DOI